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Jaylen Waddle to the Miami Dolphins

Building a Legacy: Four Legs of the Chair

by Gary Zamarripa

Have you ever felt something in your life was just off? Maybe there is nothing truly wrong, but things just do not feel right all the time. Borrowing a quote from the “Star Wars” universe, that there is a “disturbance in the force.” Things are just not firing on all cylinders.

It has been happening to me from time to time over the last few years – sometimes worse than others. I do not remember this ever being an issue in my life in the past. Why is it rearing its ugly head now? It is tough to fix something if you have no idea what you are trying to fix. The futile attempt to remove an invisible weight resting on your shoulders.

In this edition of “Building a Legacy,” we are diving into overall well-being. Looking into basic things that can enhance daily life, improve mood and hopefully put us on the road to fulfillment.

The Basics

I remember a quote from a motivational swindler I heard a long time ago. “Find someone, who has what you want, do what they do and you will get what they got.” It is basic in its premise and sounds easy to accomplish. Unfortunately, people have different backgrounds and situations vary, so much to think it is the panacea and an easy button in life.

What about taking out one of the variables? Comparing someone that has the same background and situation. Maybe a basic, high-level solution is the key. Compare me from a few years ago to me now and see what has changed.

As I self-actualized and started noting changes, I found a few main and important things. They are basic but important to keeping me centered and focused on being my best person. Each one is just as important as the other one and all are needed equally.

The Chair

As a visual learner, my mind works best with a basic idea with which to identify. Something simple and common as a chair. A basic chair has four legs and a seat. If all parts are in place with all four legs intact, you are comfortably sitting at the table of life.

You can sit on a chair with three legs but it is not easy. If you are not careful, you will tip over by leaning too much toward the wrong side. Each one of us needs to determine what “legs” are keeping your chair up. They can be different for every person.

The Legs

Physical health is the first leg of my chair and the most obvious to me. Old me worked out four or five days a week. This includes cardio and weight training.  Nothing boosts your mood and well-being like a good workout. I have lacked motivation and there’s no doubt it has worn me down.

Spiritual health is the next leg.  The last few years I was down on my religion due to some scandals, so I turned my back on it. I did not realize that church was just a conduit to spirituality. Spirituality is the main component regardless of the religion each one of us chooses.

My first thought when faced with adversity used to be to pray for courage and assistance. I have stopped doing that and that puts all the burden on me. I heard on an episode of “The In-Between Fantasy Football Podcast” with guest Chris Robin (@DetroitBeastie) that “a problem shared is a problem halved.” That seems reasonable to me and fits this situation to a tee.

Financial health is the next leg. It is hard to focus on well-being and self-improvement if you are constantly worrying about making a house payment or paying down huge credit card debt. This one is mainly neutral for me, but I see it as a crucial piece of the chair.

Mental health rounds out the final chair leg. I can’t think of specific things I have changed in regard to mental health but I think it was boosted due to the symbiosis of the other chair legs. Nonetheless, I’m going to focus on spending more effort enhancing it. Simple things like thinking of myself more when making decisions and simply saying “no” to certain situations, and not feeling bad about it.

Dynasty Player Profile: Jaylen Waddle (WR, Miami)

A player that has all four legs of his chair firmly on the ground is wide receiver Jaylen Waddle. He was drafted sixth overall in the 2021 draft by the Miami Dolphins. Now he is paired with his former Alabama quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa. He is armed with the combination of speed, elusiveness, agility, open field vision and solid hands.

Here is a play demonstrating his vision and command of the field.

Here he settles into the soft zone and it is all speed from there.

Next, we add his good hands and ability to make contested catches in tight coverage.

In rookie dynasty drafts his early Average Draft Position (ADP) in non-superflex drafts is the middle of the first round according to FantasyPros. I have him as my rookie wide receiver No. 2 behind only Ja’Marr Chase. He is a day-one slot starter with DeVante Parker and Will Fuller on the outside. It’s the perfect landing spot for a top prospect.

A little empathy goes a long way. Try to make someone smile every day with an act of kindness. Find me on Twitter @GaryZam01 to chat about football, music or really anything.

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