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Building a Legacy: Here We Go Again

by Gary Zamarripa

“It’s like déjà vu all over again.” A quote from baseball legend Yogi Berra that seems relevant to the next installment of “Building a Legacy.” Last month this column was about taking my daughter to her first out-of-town concert. This month the column is about taking her to her next out-of-town concert.

The first time we were dealing with her all-time favorite performer and fulfilling the dream of seeing her perform live. This time we are dealing with her new all-time favorite performer and the dream of seeing him perform live.

Harry Style’s 2019 album, “Fine Line” was listed among Rolling Stone’s “500 Greatest Albums of All Time” in 2020.

The first concert was six years ago and a lot changes from 10 to 16 years old. The new best of the best, all-time favorite, can do no wrong, perfect in every way, can’t miss, greatest performer in the history of performers is … Harry Styles.

As you may or may not know, Styles was the most popular member of the former boy band, One Direction. Predictably the band broke up and they went five different directions. Well, maybe not different directions as all are singers/performers. They are just going in the same direction but separately. Telling my daughter that as she rolls her eyes never gets old. So now that I’m done poking fun at the “lads,” let’s get into why I’m purchasing plane tickets and booking hotel rooms.

This “once in a lifetime” opportunity was born from the Covid-19 shutdown. This tour was supposed to take place in 2020 before my daughter was a fan. Meaning she would have missed it and we will have to catch him next tour.

The tour was sold out when it was re-scheduled and resale pricing is ridiculous. So if it’s sold out, why am I talking about plane tickets and hotel rooms?

Serendipitous Announcement

Then came the lucky day that Styles announced on his Instagram that he is adding two new shows to his “Love on Tour” city list. Unfortunately, the new shows were Milwaukee and Nashville, not in Kansas City where we live. Due to the precedent with the Taylor Swift concert, traveling to an out-of-state show was not out of the question in her mind.

We battled back and forth about why flying to a concert was a crazy idea and how expensive it would be to pursue this plan. I struggle sometimes with giving my kids too much and spoiling them. I try to remind them not everybody has it as good they do. Thinking it’s normal to fly out of state for a concert is not normal. I didn’t want her to think we would open up the wallet every time she has a new favorite artist.

She was desperate to attend this show, so we made her a deal. If she pays for her concert ticket and airfare, we would pursue getting tickets. I was certain this would put this talk right to bed. Surprisingly, she agreed.

She recently got a job and this is a good lesson in working hard for something you desire rather than it being given to you. Another reason we agreed is in a couple of years she will not be coming to us. She will be making plans with her friends for this type of stuff.

In a previous column, I wrote about kids growing up too fast. This was a reminder to make some memories along the way. There is no reason this trip won’t be as much fun or memorable as our previous trip to the Swift concert. With the added lesson of working to get something she wants.

Dynasty Deep Cuts

Just as my daughter needs to work hard to live her best life, dynasty fantasy football players need to do the same thing to ensure they have the best possible roster. This is accomplished by scouring the waiver wire and the end of benches of your league mates for diamonds in the rough. Here are a few off-the-radar players that can be obtained cheaply in dynasty leagues that may have some surprising upside.

Bryan Edwards (WR, Las Vegas Raiders)

Bryan Edwards was a third-round pick by the Las Vegas Raiders in the 2020 NFL Draft. He was a trendy sleeper last season and lined up as a starter in Week 1. Unfortunately, he injured his ankle in Week 3 and was demoted to a backup role with the emergence of Nelson Agholor.

So what has changed? For starters, Agholor has moved his talents to the New England Patriots. Also, a COVID-19-plagued rookie season with an injury isn’t the best way to start your career. This year Edwards comes in healthy with less competition and a year of experience on his side.

He is being practically ignored in dynasty leagues even though he’s projected to be a starter again in Week 1. Second-year players with draft capital that disappointed in their rookie year are perfect targets to acquire relatively cheap.

Darnell Mooney (WR, Chicago Bears)

Darnell Mooney is a popular breakout player in the Twitter fantasy football community but might be a little less visible to the casual dynasty player. He was a fifth-round pick of the Bears in 2020 and was named a starter in Week 2. His story is different from Edwards in that he wasn’t injured and actually played quite well, grabbing 61 receptions for 631 yards and four touchdowns. The problem was the poor quarterback play in Chicago last season.

The change for Mooney is an upgrade at the quarterback position. Mitchell Trubisky and his spotty play are gone. And Nick Foles has once again returned to the bench. Enter Andy Dalton, the “Red Rifle,” and first-round pick Justin Fields.

With Anthony Miller also just traded this past week to the Houston Texans for a 2022 fifth-round pick, Mooney, who has 4.38 forty-yard dash speed, is primed to be the main downfield threat for the Bears this season. And now he has quarterbacks that can get him the ball. Recipe for greatness.

Gerald Everett (TE, Seattle Seahawks)

Gerald Everett flashed potential as a 2017 second-round pick with the Rams but was never able to put it all together while splitting looks with Tyler Higbee. Everett didn’t play bad but he didn’t seem to play well consistently with his career highs season totals being 41 receptions, 417 yards and three touchdowns. He has a second-round pedigree and a new opportunity with a different team.

The Seahawks acquired him in the offseason and now he is battling for the starting job with the often-injured Will Dissly. It’s a battle he should win easily.

When Seattle coach Pete Carroll was asked who he thought could be a breakout candidate this season, he named Everett. And let’s not forget he got a huge upgrade at quarterback in Russell Wilson over his former QB Jared Goff with the Rams. Everett is in the perfect position to be a low-cost streaming option.

A little empathy goes a long way. Try to make someone smile every day with an act of kindness. Find me on Twitter @GaryZam01 to chat about football, music or really anything.

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