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Workout Playlist: Summer Run (Train, Riley Green & More)

Powerful Playlists: Summer Run

by Seth Woolcock

“Powerful Playlists” is a column by Seth Woolcock, serving as the DJ for life’s various moments. Read and listen on as Seth offers a workout playlist that’ll help you find what you’re seeking on those summer runs.

Despite popular belief, getting in shape doesn’t have to come with the raw-raw mantra we often associate with it. You don’t need to down a cup of pre-workout or get a p***ed-off attitude just to get in a workout.

In fact, sometimes exercise, specifically running, can be tranquil. If approached correctly, jogs in the summertime can become exceptionally relaxing, letting your mind wander as your body moves.

Whatever you’re chasing out there – a weight goal, a headspace or something in-between – I hope this summer running edition of “Powerful Playlists” helps you find it as you log the miles.

1. “Better at Being Who I Am” – Jason Aldean

Finding your pace when running is a lot like finding out who you are; it’s essential for success. Jason Aldean’s “Better At Being Who I Am” tells the story of someone coming to terms with how they’ve changed who they are for someone else. It’s a different cut than the usual Aldean sound, creating a thoughtful and serene song fit for any time to yourself.

2. “Bury Me in Dixie” – Riley Green

Enjoying the scenery is perhaps the greatest aspect of running. This home state ballad by Riley Green goes right at that theme of loving where you live. We might not specifically want to be taken to Tuscaloosa and be buried under the 50-yard line or have our ashers spread in turn three of Talladega, but we likely have pride in the place where we were born and raised.

3. “Better Than Me (feat. Randy Owen)” – Riley Green

We’re going back-to-back tracks by Green and not thinking twice about it. “Better Than Me” reflects on how the COVID-19 Pandemic forced many of us to slow down and take inventory of our lives. The 34-year-old reminds us that we can’t forget to sometimes hit pause on the rat race that is life and just simply enjoy it.

4. “Chapters (feat. Gavin DeGraw)” – Brett Young

Life and runs; they come in chapters. Brett Young crosses over from country to soulful pop with “Chapters (feat. Gavin DeGraw).” The song tells the story of growing up with plenty of curveballs both physical and metaphorical – along the way. We can’t choose the hands we’re dealt, but we can always put one foot in the other.

5. “Cheers” – charlieonnafriday

Charlieonnafriday delivers acoustic cords and chill lyrics about raising a glass to the homies, exes and everyone who you used to turn it up with when you were young. It’s the type of song that makes you just want to go without regard to where.

6. “Bruises (feat. Ashley Monroe)” – Train

Catching up with an old friend – there’s nothing quite like it. “Bruises (feat Ashley Monroe)” shares a chat between two former classmates and how our “bruises make for better conversation.” It’s hard to be in a bad mood with this one in your ears.

7. “Land of a Million Songs” – Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan isn’t the crowd favorite he was 10 years ago. I get it.

However, “Land of A Million Songs” is perhaps his deepest and most inspiring record. It recognizes our flaws and how we push past them to do great things. In this case, songwriting. Running helps ease some of the most restless minds, even for a little while. This song does the same.

8. “June, July, August” – Ryan Hurd

It doesn’t get more summer than this coastal-sounding song from Michigan native Ryan Hurd. It’s a classic story of a boy-loves-girl with a beach/lake town feel. The song’s verses provide unique pacing, but its chorus and bridge are backed by a perfect drum beat for pounding the pavement to.

9. “Raging Fire” – Phillip Phillips

As our run approaches its end, let’s pick up the pace with Phillip Phillips’ “Raging Fire.” A track about the power of love, the “American Idol” season 11 winner lets it fly on this up-tempo pop hit.

10. __________

For the final track in this workout playlist, I’ll leave it up to you to choose the song to finish strong with. May it and these other curated selections help you find a more enjoyable way to break a sweat.

This workout playlist can be found for streaming and/or download on Apple Music. And for more feel-good content, you can find me on Twitter @Between_SethFF.

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