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Start, Sit & Dynasty Football Factory

by Seth Woolcock

Whether or not you’re a believer in fate, this is one of those stories that’ll make you question it.

It was 7:30 a.m. on a muggy July day.

I sat in a booth at Crouse’s Cafe in Indiana, waiting to be joined by my professor, friend and mentor – Dr. Erick Lauber.

Amongst all the catching up we did that morning, I took a few lessons from our breakfast, as I always do when talking with Dr. Lauber. 

He explained that now that I am on the market for a full-time job in the media industry, I need to use and expand my network, and roll with my niches, being music reviewing and writing and yep, you probably guessed it, fantasy sports content.

Later that night, following work, I scoured the internet in hopes to find somewhere I could contribute fantasy football columns to.

 Through cover letters, the websites’ threads and everything in-between, I went all-in looking for a site to write for.

Fast forward to mid-August and not one site, out of the nearly 20 I applied to, had gotten back to me. 

It was about 2:30 a.m. when I was lying in bed on my iPhone 5, scrolling through the depths of Google searches to find somewhere that would let me write about freakin’ fantasy football. 

But just when I was about to lose hope and call it a night, I found it.

It was a 3-year-old Reddit thread originally posted by Ronnie A. Evans, looking for people interested in writing for his new fantasy football site. And at the end of the original post was a Twitter handle to direct message. 

I knew it was still probably a long shot, but I did it anyway. And am I sure glad I did.

@RonnieAEvan came through for me like no other. Even though his site is on hiatus for the season as he revamps it, Ronnie pointed me in the direction of Shane Manila (@DFF_Shane on Twitter), who got me in touch with Dynasty Football Factory’s (DFF) director of both Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) content and talent recruitment, Kalib Drake (@DFF_Guru on Twitter).

About a week later, I had a phone interview with Michael Goins (MG), the site’s founder and CEO. 

After a wonderful talk with MG about ourselves, DFF and the “adult version of Dungeons and Dragons that we play,” I was offered to come aboard the Dynasty Football Factory team as a redraft writer and editor. 

You wouldn’t believe the Tiger Woods fist pump I did after we ended that call!

Later that day, I was put in contact with more than 80 extremely talented writers, editors and producers who are just as obsessed, or maybe even more obsessed, with fantasy football than I am. 

On such a gratifying and joyous day, I just remember being so happy and thankful that someone was finally willing to give me a chance to show what I can do. 

So, in addition to this weekly column, that I will be contributing for The Penn until I graduate in December, I will also be writing a weekly “In the Scope” column for DFF, highlighting potential waiver wire targets a week in advance.

So be sure to check it out, along with some more content at DynastyFootballFactory.com.

Now, plug aside, I can get to the point of this story. 

Whether it was fate or my free will that led me to DFF, it doesn’t matter. I’m there. I’m all-in, ready to go, and I couldn’t be more elated.

So, even if it was “just fate” that you lost Tyreek Hill, Derrius Guice to injury or Antonio Brown and Melvin Gordon to off-the-field situations or your own free will for drafting them, it doesn’t matter.

What matters now is how you come back in Week 2. Whether it’s trading, using the waiver wire and free agency, or just nailing your start/sits – it’s up to you.

When it’s 2:30 a.m. and you have to be up in five hours, don’t quit. Find that Reddit thread. Find your DFF. 

The worst thing you can do is nothing. 

So, like Nike, just do it, and let’s get to it.

Quarterback I’d Start this Week:

Jared Goff (Los Angeles Rams):  Although Jared Goff is coming off a porous Week 1 performance in which he had just 186 yards, one touchdown and one interception on 39 attempts, he should bounce back in a game against the Saints that Vegas has tied for the highest over/under of the week (53).

Only once while playing a full game in 2018 did Goff throw for fewer than 200 yards. That was Week 14 against the Bears, a game where he played without arguably his favorite wide receiver Cooper Kupp. 

He rebounded the following week for more than 300 yards against Philadelphia. I think he does the same here in Week 2.

Quarterback I’d Sit this Week:

Kirk Cousins (Minnesota Vikings):  Not that everyone is rushing to start Kirk Cousins this weekend, but if you’re looking for a streamer and are expecting better numbers than Week 1, I wouldn’t. 

We know that offensive coordinator Kevin Stefanski wants to run the ball. Playing an improved Packers’ defense at Lambeau Field, Minnesota will try and keep the ball out of Rodgers’ hands with both Dalvin Cook and Alexander Mattison. 

If you’re in need of a desperate streamer, try Andy Dalton against the 49ers or Derek Carr against the Chiefs, where he’ll likely be trailing. 

Running Back I’d Start this Week:

Duke Johnson (Houston Texans):  “The Duke of Lansberry,” or at least Houston for that matter, has a favorable matchup this week against the Jacksonville Jaguars that should lock him into most lineups. Patrick Mahomes last week set a career record for passing yards in the first half against this once-stifling defensive unit.

No, Deshaun Watson isn’t Mahomes. But he might be the next best thing. And if he can continue to find Duke Johnson when he’s scrambling, as he so often does because of the shaky offensive line, Johnson should make himself worthy play.

Running Back I’d Sit this Week:

David Montgomery (Chicago Bears):  This kid’s coming-out party is coming soon. But I just don’t think it’s this week playing in Denver, a tough environment for any running back to play in due to the elevation, let alone a rookie.

Last week, David Montgomery saw only 38 percent of the backfields snaps, and the Bears lost. However, I need to see it before I trust it in my lineup. Consider him a middle-of-the-road flex play in 10-team, PPR leagues.

Wide Receiver I’d Start this Week:

Josh Gordon (New England Patriots):  To be fair, I could’ve copped out by saying I’ll just start all the New England Patriots this week. But I specifically like Josh Gordon this week.

Probably no Antonio Brown (this week or in the future), and playing the Miami Dolphins, the junior-varsity team of the NFL, Gordon has some massive upside here in Week 2. 

I’m still planning on selling Gordon high in the next few weeks because he hasn’t had a full campaign since his rookie season in 2016. But after last week’s dominating performance, where he was able to rack up 16.3 fantasy points, I’m starting him here in Week 2.

Wide Receiver I’d Sit this Week:

Christian Kirk (Arizona Cardinals):  While Christian Kirk had 12 targets last week, he managed only four receptions for 32 yards, making him the fourth-leading receiver in Arizona after Week 1.

With Kyler Murray, his team’s rookie quarterback, playing a tough Ravens defense in Baltimore that gave up just 10 points in Week 1, I’ll take a hard pass on starting Kirk this week.

This column was originally featured at ThePenn.org September 12, 2019.

If you have a feel-good story that you would like to share for an opportunity to be featured in an upcoming edition of “Start, Sit & Seth,” please reach out.

And for more fantasy football and uplifting content, you can find me on Twitter @Between_SethFF.

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