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Start, Sit & This Is Me

by Seth Woolcock

Everyone has their calling in life.

For the lucky, they’ve known since birth what they were destined to do. For others, unfortunately, it can take a majority of their lives to figure it out.

For me, I was in second grade when I realized writing was what I was meant to do. I won a creative writing contest in reading class. And for a kid who didn’t win much growing up, the praise I received from that story served as the catalyst for my tiny hands to continue.

Throughout elementary school, I wrote my own graphic novel: “Power Wars.” The book, based on my personal successes and follies as a kid, transformed everyday life in a small town into a magical place, filled with heroes and villains. The girls I didn’t get along with at recess were depicted as the witches. My best friends were written in superheroes with the full cape and goggles. And I was, of course, a Power Ranger and the protagonist against the dark side.

Following my mashup masterpiece of “Harry Potter” and “Power Rangers,” I decided to lay my pen down in the public eye for a while. Like any impressionable kid, I wanted to be cool and fit in above all else. I would have rather been seen playing football after school than sitting alone, writing.

Throughout high school, I never minded putting myself out there. I was outgoing and, for one reason or another, consistently found myself in a leadership role. Whether it was form some reason steering the prom committee, doing the daily announcements or captaining the varsity wrestling team, I was there, letting my presence be felt and voice heard.

The unfortunate part of it, though, was that my voice back then was never truly authentic. I tried being myself, but I also cared too much about what others thought of me and put on a different mask depending who I was with. I could be the studious nerd one hour, a jerk jock the next and a rebellious black sheep causing trouble after school the next.

It wasn’t until college that I really began to find myself and embrace it. By my junior year, I was known around campus as the guy who ran the student newspaper, seldomly seen outside of the office and class during the week. But most weekends, you could find me in the corner booth at our local pub, putting some drinks back with my buddies and my girl.

As most good things do, I knew that identity would also come to an end once I earned my degree. Last year, my senior semester, I began writing and editing for Dynasty Football Factory (DFF), slowly putting my foot into the cool water that was the fantasy football community.

Still, a year ago today, I found myself writing a season two edition of this column series, “Start, Sit & Seth.” But without my own platform and brand, I was just one of many in the large, over-saturated fantasy sports industry.

But today, just 365 days later, I’m anything but that and the kid who was too afraid to be himself. I strive to be authentic – whether it’s in this column or on our podcast – and I’m not afraid to be myself anymore.

I’m a 22-year-old from a small town living out my dreams. I work as a communications professional at Penn State, a top-25 national research university by day. And by night, I’m a young entrepreneur, striving to change the world by doing just one thing – being myself.

See, my team and I here at In-Between Media don’t just want to be like any other fantasy sports platform out there today. We want to be unique, one-of-a-kind, bringing you feel-good life advice, intertwined with advice about the adult version of Dungeons and Dragons that we get to play for 16 weeks each year.

If I can leave readers with any piece of advice as we approach the dawn of another new year, it’s don’t be afraid to be yourself in it. Every person on this earth was gifted with the ability to be authentic. Use it.

Even though it’s not easy, tuck your insecurities away, and don’t be afraid to be yourself. It only took more than 20 years for me to do it. But I sit here on Christmas Eve morning doing what I knew I was meant to do since I was 8 years old: write.

Now, let’s get to it.

The following start/sit selections are based on stats, trends and film research, reflecting value in Points Per Reception (PPR) Redraft Leagues.

Quarterback I’d Start this Week:

Ryan Tannehill (Tennessee):  There’s no denying the heater Ryan Tannehill is on. He’s QB7 on the season and is the QB2 since Week 11, less than a full point away from Deshaun Watson for the QB1.

While the Green Bay Packers, his Week 16 opponent, are known for their poor rushing defense this season, outside of veteran safety Adrian Amos, their secondary has also been mediocre at times – allowing a 94.9 average Quarterback Rating. This is a must-have game for two of the league’s best teams, only heightening Tannehill’s already solid ceiling.

Quarterback I’d Sit this Week:

Tua Tagovailoa (Miami):  I’m all for getting ballsy here in a championship. But there is too much on the line to be messing around and starting rookie Tua Tagovailoa in championship matchups. He’s averaging just 12.6 PPR points each start this season and has finished as a QB1 only once (Week 14 against the Kansas City Chiefs).

And while his opponent, the Las Vegas Raiders is a bottom-10 defense against opposing quarterbacks, they’re also coming off a long week of rest, last playing on Thursday night, and are in desperate need of a win to keep their playoff hopes alive.

Running Back I’d Start this Week:

Myles Gaskin (Miami):  If he’s in, I’m in. That’s been my motto with Miami running back Myles Gaskin, who’s averaged 14.1 in games this season. He’s a dual-threat back, and it will likely be needed this week as Miami clinches to their position in the AFC playoffs.

Gaskin has garnered more than 61 percent of the snaps in each game played this season. And I would expect that to continue as Las Vegas has struggled to keep running backs in check, allowing an average of more than 107 rushing yards and a touchdown per game to them. It’s go-time for Gaskin here in Week 16.

Running Back I’d Sit this Week:

James Conner (Pittsburgh):  Last season, James Conner duped owners in championship matchups, leaving injured after only six carries and scoring 3.2 PPR points for rosters. In Week 14 this season he did similar, posting 1.8 PPR points on 10 carries.

Pittsburgh is 31st in rushing yards this season, averaging 88.9 per game. The Colts allow an average of just 78.5 rushing yards per game (seventh-fewest) – just another reason why Conner should be riding the pine this go around.

Wide Receiver I’d Start this Week:

JuJu Smith-Schuster (Pittsburgh):  My heart breaks for anyone who rolled out JuJu Smith-Schuster in Week 15 when he posted just 2.5 PPR points in a golden matchup in Cincinnati. And while it’s not a great feeling by any means, you can start him here in Week 16 if you need to.

Over the last three weeks, slot receivers Keke Coutee (played twice) and Hunter Renfrow have fared well against Indianapolis, averaging 14.4 PPR points. Smith-Schuster is dealing with his own TikTok controversies, and Ben Roethlisberger is coming off three mediocre performances. IF the ship is going to correct itself in Pittsburgh this season, it begins here on Sunday.

Wide Receiver I’d Sit this Week:

Michael Gallup (Dallas):  Man, what a disappointing season for Michael Gallup. Drafted in the top seven rounds of redrafts, Gallup is currently WR45. Yet, some experts still see him as a low-end WR3 this week. I’ll pass.

Gallup has been below double digits in eight of 14 outings this season, only totaling more than 90 yards once – something he did six times last year. He’s still a solid player and has value in dynasty leagues, but I’m not starting him in Week 16 with so much on the line – even against a wavering Philadelphia secondary.

If you have a feel-good story that you would like to share for an opportunity to be featured in an upcoming edition of “Start, Sit & Seth,” please reach out.

And for more fantasy football and uplifting content, you can find me on Twitter @Between_SethFF.

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