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Jaylen Waddle | NFL Sprints PrizePicks Player Predictions: Howell, Waddle & Allen

Tootsie’s Picks: NFL Sprints PrizePicks Predictions (Weeks 2-5)

by Rachel (@tootsiepop6)

PrizePicks recently put a category on their site called “NFL Sprints,” which contains picks using Weeks 2-5 combined. It’s a mid-season futures, if you will.

Note: they put a caveat that the players must play in all four games listed to be eligible.

PrizePicks keeps the fun rolling and there was no way I was going to miss out on making some picks.

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NFL Sprints PrizePicks Predictions (Weeks 2-5)

Sam Howell MORE Than 799.5 Passing Yards

Sam Howell, Washington Commanders quarterback, produced 202 passing yards in Week 1 against the Arizona Cardinals. Over the coming four weeks, the Commanders face the Broncos, Bills, Eagles and Bears. In 2022, these teams allowed opposing quarterbacks on average to total 212.9 passing yards, 218.9 passing yards, 207 passing yards,and 224.5 passing yards, respectively. Based on these matchups and what Howell proved last week, I am expecting him to see more than the PrizePicks 799.5 passing yards line for the next month.

Jahmyr Gibbs LESS Than 145.5 Receiving Yards.

In his debut in Week 1, Detroit Lions running back Jahymyr Gibbs had 18 receiving yards on two receptions. In these next four games, the Lions match up against the Seattle Seahawks, Atlanta Falcons, Green Bay Packers and Carolina Panthers. Last season, these team defenses allowed averages of 42.7 receiving yards, 34 receiving yards, 32.6 receiving yards and 25.8 receiving yards, respectively, to the running back position per game. Additionally, Gibbs was the fifth receiving option in Week 1, so I’m taking the under for this PrizePicks prop.

Saquon Barkley MORE Than 299.5 Rushing Yards.

Last season, New York Giants RB Saquon Barkley averaged 82 rushing yards per game. In the next four games, the Giants face the Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco 49ers, Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins. Last season, these team defenses allowed averages of 104.2 rushing yards, 58.3 rushing yards, 114.8 rushing yards and 68.2 rushing yards, respectively, to opposing running backs, per game. Even though Barkley was contained to only 51 rushing yards last week against the staunch Dallas Cowboys, I expect him to easily surpass 299.5 rushing yards over these next four games.

Jaire Alexander MORE Than 0.5 Interceptions.

Green Bay Packer cornerback Jaire Alexander netted five interceptions in the 2022 NFL season, making him fifth among the stat’s leaders. One of those interceptions happened against the Detroit Lions, who the Packers face in Week 4. For this pick, Alexander only needs to get one interception over the next four weeks. I am banking on him smashing the over on this PrizePicks prompt.

Josh Allen MORE Than 2.5 Pass Interceptions.

Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen tied with Dak Prescott at 17 total interceptions on the 2022 season. In Week 1, Allen passed for three interceptions alone. There’s really nothing more to say except Allen struggles with interceptions and that trend should continue.

Jaylen Waddle LESS Than 21.5 Receptions

Miami Dolphins wide receiver Jaylen Waddle averaged 4.4 receptions per game last season. Last week, Waddle saw four receptions for 78 receiving yards. His fellow receiver Tyreek Hill had 11 receptions. Because of the split of receptions between Hill and Waddle and Hill seeing at least double the amount, I’m anticipating Waddle will not clear 21.5 receptions over these next four games.

Remember with any PrizePicks play, follow your gut on the lines you agree with. Always play responsibly. And always, always make sure you’re having fun with it!

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