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Weekend Wins: Taking Action

by Katie Mest

“Weekend Wins” is a monthly column by Katie Mest, finding the subtle wins of life and the NFL season. In its fifth edition, Katie analyzes the methods of New Year resolutions as we enter into 2023. She also dives into a same-game parlay for Saturday’s Chiefs-Raiders game.

Welcome, 2023.

As a freshly 25, pandemic-graduated young professional, the past few years were weird, to say the least. Exhaustion was at a high, socializing was at a low and this in-between stage has turned me on my head.

But I’m going to get my shit together this year. 

Not saying I’m feeling any sort of motivation to develop a hustle mentality or start some sort of heavy-commitment project, but I will make some resolutions. I just might even stick to them.

I haven’t exactly figured out what’s going to make this year different from the rest of the optimistic Januarys, but I have decided that something needs to change. And what better time than our self-proclaimed reset button of the new year?

Fostering a Growth – Not Goal – Mindset

Coming up with ideas for resolutions isn’t the hard part. Our inner critic always seems to have the most to say on what we can improve upon. It’s taking action and keeping the momentum that makes many New Year resolutions a distant memory by March.

So this year, I’m focusing on progress and effort above all else.

I came across these two thoughts as I was doing some year-end reflection, but they work hand in hand. They have been the foundation of how I want to approach my resolutions.

  1. Action kills anxiety.
  2. Motivation follows action, not the other way around.

This year, I will not be focusing on “achieving” my resolutions, per se. But starting them? I can do that.

Putting aside some money into savings when I think about it, even if I don’t remember to every paycheck. 

Buying easy breakfast food, so I can at least give myself the option for some calories in the morning other than coffee. 

Sitting down to crochet a few rows of a project instead of spending another hour scrolling TikTok.

Finding an alternative beverage to have in the fridge for when I am tempted to make the afternoon coffee that I always end up regretting.

Do the Damn Thing

This year I will take action. Regardless of anxieties. We’re going to take action in spite of any fear, hesitancy or self-doubt.

I wasted too much of last year not doing anything.

So this year, I will take the approach of being kind to myself, and we will take small steps. And we will enjoy life’s little in-between moments as January turns into February and so on.

NFL Saturday DraftKings Single-Game Parlay 

Kansas City Chiefs @ Las Vegas Raiders: Saturday @ 4:30 PM

Patrick Mahomes: Over 319.5 Passing Yards (-130)

Jarrett Stidham: Over 199.5 Passing Yards (-290)

Travis Kelce: Over 69.5 Receiving Yards (-135)

The last time Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs took on the Raiders, he threw for four touchdowns. It wouldn’t be surprising if the QB made another impressive passing effort to round out the regular season since he is averaging more than 300 passing yards in the last few contests with the Raiders.

But the Raiders’ QB is looking to prove himself, too. Jarrett Stidham shined last week against San Francisco, throwing for 365 yards and three touchdowns. Against the Kansas City defense, the third-best matchup for opposing QBs, he has an opportunity for another large showing. Travis Kelce is still a top target for Mahomes, even after a low-producing week. So with one good performance, the other should follow.

Total parlay odds: +210

Here’s to Week 14, the freakin’ weekend and new opportunities to win. Follow me on Twitter @km_betweenFF.

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