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TJ Watt | Pittsburgh Steelers '24 Offseason Review: NFL Draft + Free Agency

Revitalizing Steel: The Pittsburgh Steelers’ Road to Championship Contention (2024)

by IBT Media Staff

The Pittsburgh Steelers, a storied NFL franchise with a rich tradition of success, are poised to reclaim their championship pedigree. Following a mixed 2023 season, they have strategically fortified their roster through the 2024 NFL Draft and Free Agency.

With a focus on revitalizing both their offensive and defensive lines, the Steelers are gearing up for a strong return to the top of the league standings in the upcoming season.

Pittsburgh Steelers 2024 Offseason Review

The Legacy & the 2023 Season

The Pittsburgh Steelers, a franchise synonymous with success, hold a storied legacy marked by six Super Bowl championships and a culture steeped in resilience and victory. As one of the NFL’s most storied teams, the Steelers consistently strive to blend tradition with innovation.

However, the 2023 season presented its share of challenges and learning opportunities for the team. Finishing third in the AFC North with a 10-7 record, the team showed flashes of brilliance intertwined with areas needing improvement. The 10 wins were good enough to earn them the final spot in the playoffs, but they quickly exited after losing 31-17 on the road in Buffalo.

The Steelers struggled with offensive consistency throughout the season, scoring an average of 17.9 points per game compared to their opponents’ 19.1. Their passing game, led by a young quarterback core, accumulated 3,163 yards, showing potential yet room for growth in efficiency and decision-making. The rushing efforts were spearheaded by a determined backfield, pushing forward with 2,010 yards over the season, emphasizing the need for a more dominant line of attack.

The inconsistency at quarterback led to the team overhauling the position in the 2024 offseason.

Big Changes at Quarterback

The Steelers made one of the biggest free agent signings in 2024, adding quarterback Russell Wilson to its roster after he was released from Denver. Wilson, who had significant success in Seattle, winning two NFC Championships and a Super Bowl, was unable to replicate the same success in the Mile High City and was released after two seasons.

Additionally, the Steelers gave up a sixth-round pick in 2025 for former Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields, providing much-needed depth at the position. Kenny Pickett, the Steelers’ first-round pick from 2022, was traded away to the Philadelphia Eagles in an exchange of draft picks. The Steelers also released Mitchell Trubisky and didn’t re-sign Mason Rudolph, topping off a complete overhaul at the quarterback position for 2024.

Draft Picks & Strengthening the Roster

As the Steelers turned their eyes to the 2024 NFL Draft, their strategy was clear:  Fortify the foundations to return to their winning ways. The draft saw the Steelers making crucial picks that promise to bolster both the offensive and defensive lines. Troy Fautanu, a powerhouse offensive tackle from Washington, was their first-round pick. Fautanu is set to bring both skill and passion to the team’s offensive line.

Following him, Zach Frazier, a center from West Virginia, was chosen in the second round. Frazier’s remarkable consistency and tough demeanor make him an ideal candidate to anchor the center position immediately. His addition is part of a broader strategy to revamp the offensive line that has seen significant investments over the past two drafts.

The Steelers also focused on enhancing their receiving corps and defensive capabilities. Roman Wilson, a dynamic wide receiver from Michigan, was selected to add depth and versatility to the receiving unit, something much-needed after the team traded away Diontae Johnson in the offseason. On defense, Payton Wilson, a linebacker from NC State known for his speed and coverage skills, was drafted to strengthen the linebacker group, which is crucial for the Steelers’ defensive schematics.

Strategic Outlook for 2024

Looking ahead to the 2024 NFL season, the Steelers are not just aiming to contend; they are gearing up to reclaim their spot at the top. The team’s draft strategy indicates a clear focus on building a robust offensive line and a versatile, quick defense capable of adapting to the fast-evolving NFL landscape.

Offensively, the Steelers must adapt the offense to meet Russell Wilson’s strengths and integrate their new offensive linemen into the system. The addition of Wilson to go alongside George Pickens should provide a new vertical threat in the passing game, which will be crucial for opening up the field and improving their points per game.

The Pittsburgh Steelers game lines show promise as they aim to improve defensively, focusing on refining their pass defense and enhancing their third-down efficiency, which stood at 36.6% last season. The new additions from the draft, especially Wilson, should bring youthful energy and a higher level of athleticism that could translate into better coverage and more dynamic defensive plays.


The Pittsburgh Steelers stand at a pivotal point where the fusion of a rich legacy with a fresh influx of talent could set the stage for a significant comeback. With a strategic focus on strengthening their core positions through the draft and a clear vision for player development, the Steelers are crafting a team that could realistically aspire for championship contention in the 2024 season.

The blend of seasoned veterans and promising newcomers will be critical in navigating the competitive landscape of the NFL. The Steelers have always been more than just a football team; they are a symbol of resilience and perseverance. As the 2024 season approaches, the Steelers are not just rebuilding; they are reloading with an eye toward adding another chapter to their illustrious history.

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*Photo Credit: Bill Streicher – USA TODAY Sports*

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