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Will Hutchins

“Single, Out” Star Will Hutchins Is What Queer Media Needs Right Now

by Steve Lawson

There are times in every writer’s life when they feel like they might be on the precipice of succeeding. Being in this trade often comes with a healthy dose of imposter syndrome with an extra scoop of rejection.

But it’s the moments when we get a win, big or small, that keep us going. One of those moments happened for me, as I was able to land an interview with the star of a show I love and have featured in other articles.

Will Hutchins, a 21-year-old actor from Melbourne, Australia, stars as Adam in “Single, Out,” an Australian queer-dramedy series created and directed by Lee Galea. In it, we watch as Hutchins’ Adam navigates coming out, finding queer identity and having sex for the first time in his real skin.

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“Single, Out” Star Will Hutchins Is What Queer Media Needs Right Now

“Single, Out” is a wonderfully grounded and touching show, and Will’s performance only builds upon the premise. With an ability to find the comedic timing and the acting chops to make the moments hurt when they have to, Will has been nothing short of amazing in his role.

And in sitting with him, I was able to learn more about the man behind the heterochromatic eyes.

Will-ing To Go All-In

When preparing to play the role of Adam, Will had to immerse himself in the scene. From going to the bars with director Lee Galea to finding stories that resonated with him, Will ensured he was the right man for the role. He sought understanding; he wanted to give such a massive moment in so many queer people’s lives the proper care it deserved.

It’s safe to say Will accomplished that. 

It is a credit to Galea that he allowed Will to find himself in the character and really make it his own. From the jump, it seems Galea was willing to let Will experiment with dialogue and movements.

He lived in the house that is used on the show with his on-screen brother (Steven Christou). He was allowed to find humor, vulnerability and heart in his character by trying alternative approaches and taking different risks.

It is this freedom that Will plays Adam with that makes us, the viewers, so interested in his journey.

Thankfully, “Single, Out” is already approved through season four, with season three having just wrapped filming.

“I think if season one, we watch this boy kind of blossom and dip his toe in the water with first relationships, having sex and coming out,” Will said in a Dec. 17 interview. “Season two pushes him into a new realm. He’s not as sheltered, but he’s more ambitious. He [Adam] is willing to push boundaries.”

Singling Out the Show & Others

Will, ever the team player, didn’t want the spotlight to be about him. Instead, he wanted to highlight the show, the cast he works with and the director who brought the vision to life. He spoke glowingly and openly about his admiration for the cast and crew.

Will also expressed so much gratitude for the woman who may have launched him towards stardom. His high school math teacher pointed him in the right direction. She saw the talent in a school play, and now, a few years later, he is on our TV screens. HereTV, a streaming service that focuses on queer series, airs “Single, Out,” where we get to see him flex those acting chops as the lead.

“She was like this muse that floated down from above, and then she [his teacher] left after the year, and I never saw her again,” Will said. “She was in the right place at the right time, I suppose.”

And to think, this inspiring story all started with a math teacher. With each step Will takes, with each role he explores, we are watching a star be born.

Will Hutchins is on his way; he is on the path so many people dream of taking. For him, he is not one to take it for granted,

“I’m so grateful that we [the cast of “Single, Out”] were given that opportunity, and Lee [the show’s director] was generous enough to give us that leeway to find ourselves in the project,” Will said.

I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Will. I am confident that he has more projects coming his way and am sure someday we will see Will’s name on the movie screen for some big projects.

Talent and charisma matter in the world of show business, and Will has both of those in excess!

“Single, Out” streams on HereTV, a subsect of Amazon Prime Video that you can get with a subscription. Follow the program on their Instagram, and follow Will on his! Season 2 airs on March 8.

Thanks for reading my opinion on why “’Single, Out’” Star Will Hutchins Is What Queer Media Needs Right Now.” For more entertainment and sports takes, find me on Twitter, @Steve_Lawson93.

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