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Six Fantasy Football Draft Strategies for Beginners (2024) | Christian McCaffrey

Six Fantasy Football Draft Strategies for Beginners (2024)

by IBT Media Staff

As the NFL season approaches, fantasy football enthusiasts are gearing up for another thrilling year. The 2024 season promises fresh opportunities, unexpected challenges and a new wave of strategies to dominate your fantasy league. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer, adapting to the latest trends and player movement is crucial for success.

This guide delves into the essential and a couple of cutting-edge strategies for elevating your fantasy football game in 2024.

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Six Fantasy Football Draft Strategies for Beginners (2024)

Draft Smart: Early Rounds Matter

The foundation of any successful fantasy football team lies in the draft. The early rounds are where you secure your cornerstone players. Prioritize proven performers with a track record of consistency. Running backs and wide receivers typically dominate the first two rounds. Christian McCaffrey and CeeDee Lamb are likely to be top picks due to their high usage and ability to rack up points.

In the early rounds, focus on securing players with high floors rather than taking risks on potential breakout candidates. Stability is key here; you want players who will consistently deliver double-digit points each week.

Embrace the Zero-RB Strategy

The zero-RB strategy has gained traction over recent years. This approach involves prioritizing wide receivers and tight ends in the early rounds, thus waiting until the mid-to-late rounds to draft running backs. The logic behind this strategy is to avoid the injury-prone nature of running backs and capitalize on the depth and longevity of wide receivers.

By adopting the Zero-RB strategy, you can secure a top-tier wide receiver combination like Tyreek Hill and Brandon Aiyuk, ensuring a strong and reliable receiving corps. This allows you to target high-upside running backs in the later rounds, such as rookies or backups poised for increased workloads due to injuries or other factors.

Target Dual-Threat Quarterbacks

In modern fantasy football, dual-threat quarterbacks are game-changers. These players accumulate points through passing and add significant value with their rushing abilities. Jalen Hurts, Lamar Jackson and Josh Allen exemplify this category, offering a higher ceiling due to their versatility.

When drafting a quarterback, prioritize those who contribute both through the air and on the ground. These quarterbacks can single-handedly win matchups, providing a competitive edge over opponents relying on traditional pocket passers. Additionally, consider checking the NFL Week 1 odds to gauge early-season matchups, which can influence a quarterback’s potential performance right out of the gate.

Remember Value-Based Drafting (VBD)

Value-Based Drafting (VBD) is a strategy that involves selecting players based on their projected value relative to their position. This method requires thorough research and understanding of player projections. The goal is to draft players who offer the most significant point differential over their peers at the same position.

For instance, if Travis Kelce or Sam LaPorta are projected to score significantly more points than the next-best tight ends, they become valuable picks, even if it means drafting them earlier than traditional rankings suggest. VBD helps in constructing a balanced and high-scoring team by identifying undervalued players across all positions.

Exploit Positional Tiers

Positional tiers are clusters of players with similar projected points. Recognizing these tiers allows you to make informed decisions during the draft. When you’re on the clock and notice a positional tier is about to drop off, it might be wise to draft from that tier to avoid a significant drop in talent.

For example, suppose you’re deciding between a wide receiver and a running back and notice that the next tier of wide receivers is substantially weaker. In that case, you might prioritize selecting a wide receiver. This ensures you get the best value at each draft position.

Stay Updated on Player News

The NFL landscape is ever-changing, with injuries, trades and other factors influencing player value. Staying updated on the latest news is critical for making informed decisions. Follow reliable NFL sources, subscribe to fantasy football podcasts and participate in forums to keep your knowledge current.

Reacting swiftly to news can give you a competitive advantage. If a star running back gets injured, knowing the backup’s potential can lead to a savvy pick. Conversely, staying updated on player performance trends can help you make timely in-season trades and lineup adjustments.


The 2024 fantasy football season is poised to be one of excitement and unpredictability. By adopting smart drafting strategies, embracing innovative approaches like Zero-RB, targeting dual-threat quarterbacks and staying informed on player news, you can position yourself for success.

Remember, the key to winning your fantasy league lies in preparation, adaptability and a bit of luck. Embrace the new strategies, stay engaged throughout the season and enjoy the thrill of fantasy football.

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