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The Story Behind Scott Fish Bowl's Growth + #SFB13 Sleepers

Start, Sit & Sprouts (A Scott Fish Bowl Story)

by Seth Woolcock

“Start, Sit & Seth” is the original column of In-Between Media, bridging feel-good lifestyle advice with redraft fantasy football analysis. Consistently following Seth Woolcock’s journey as a young creator, this series is now in its sixth season. Join him in this edition as he highlights the growth of the Scott Fish Bowl. As Scott Fish Bowl 13 drafts take off, check out Seth’s sleepers to target. 

Every idea starts with a seed. 

And as I learned in my childhood garden, it doesn’t take a green thumb to grow a sprout. Some water, sunlight and you’re good to go, kid.

However, what happens from there on out is up to the gardener. 

My great-grandfather was known for growing the largest onions in the county. He was a World War II vet in a 1991 Ford F150 XLT Lariat. He wasn’t exactly outclassing the field in equipment. But what he did have was time and patience.

He spent more time in the garden than he did at home. If he wasn’t on the porch peeling potatoes for Sunday dinner or at the VFW, he was probably in the garden. Rototilling, planting, watering, weeding, running off his neighbor trying to steal his crop; Carl did it all. 

Pap was never content and kept improving his garden, year after year – just like one person in the fantasy football industry I’ve come to know over the years.

Enter Scott Fish

Scott Fish, 43, of Minnesota, is credited with creating the Developmental (Devy) fantasy football format in the ‘90s. By 2007, Scott launched his own site, FFOasis, the only devy content provider in the industry at the time.

Eventually, as an opportunity to engage his readers and listeners, he began the FFOasis Invitational. Though the origins of the initial idea have been lost over the years, it was always Scott’s vision to bring fans and analysts together for something bigger than themselves.

“We went out and contacted a bunch of analysts in the industry and got them to join,” Scott said in a July 3 interview. “We did it for two years, took a year off because my wife was pregnant – a lot of changes going on in life. And then I decided to go back and to really hit it hard because I thought it was a good idea to get analysts and fans together… And it just kinda steamrolled for a decade.”

And steamroll it did. In 2013, after the rebrand to Scott Fish Bowl (SFB), there were 120 teams in the league. Today at least 3,324 individuals are playing in Scott Fish Bowl 13, plus mirror leagues, a best ball tournament, satellites, eliminator leagues and other ways to get involved – all in the name of charity, Scott’s 501(c)(3) charity, Fantasy Cares.

Their mission has always been to bring a charitable element to fantasy football leagues and raise money each year through the fantasy sports community for several charities, including Toys for Tots.

Not only has Scott added more people to the league and more ways to get involved every year, but he annually changes up the divisions’ theme and the scoring and/or roster construction.

“It is tradition to grow every year and make it for more people,” Scott said. “It’s tradition to change the scoring every year. We’ve never had the same scoring or lineup settings twice in a row.”

It Just Keeps On Growing, Growing, Growing

Like every good master gardener, Scott says that he has “very specific, strategic reasons” for almost everything he does with SFB, including the invite process and the timing of the event.

“I just want it to continue to be this thing in the community that connects us and does a lot of good,” Scott said. “I think In order to do that – especially nowadays – you have to stay focused on growing with the times.”

It’s safe to say that the focus has paid off, as Fantasy Cares has helped raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for charity over the years and continues to expand.

“It’s wonderful to see it go from this little tiny – 10 years ago, six years ago, whatever it was – fundraising effort for Toys for Tots to a full-on charity that raises money for a ton of different causes,” Scott said. “We have 18 live events that are going to fundraise for local charities in that area, which is just impressive.”

The live drafts, in particular, have become a conversation over the last year, giving members of the fantasy community to link up for good times and raising even more money for charity. 

In fact, the London Live Draft has already finished up:

By the time you read this, I’m probably already on my way to Philadelphia for the Scott Fish Bowl 13 Live Draft happening at Xfinity Live!

“With live drafts, people can connect with each other and get to know each other on a personal basis,” Scott said. “We’ve seen that at the FF Expo, where you get to meet the people that you talk to every day. It just adds a completely new layer.”

Swimming In Scott Fish Bowl Merch

Another way Scott Fish Bowl is growing is with an entire seasonal merch store dedicated to it. What started with one T-shirt design in SFB7 that had a design that allegedly somewhat resembled the Disney castle has exploded.

I’m talking 281 different designs, one available for each division in the form of shirts, hoodies, hats and more.

“It’s been quite impressive to watch that thing grow,” Scott said. “The design team has just been incredible year after year with taking a theme and really running with it. I think this year is the most impressive year I’ve seen in all the years of SFB as far as designs go. They took all these brands and made them SFB-styled fish everywhere. It’s been wonderful. But the big thing is it just raises money for charity.”

The Good We’ll Do

From a 500-foot level, it’s almost overwhelming to fathom how much of a difference one man has made in the lives of so many. 

Many content creators began their journey after being selected to play in Scott Fish Bowl as a fan. It’s connected others who have become friends or maybe even future colleagues. This league has truly helped people find their place in what can feel like an endless, vast fantasy football space.

And most of all, real people are being affected by this money donated: kids on Christmas, struggling families, rescue dogs, the wrongly convicted and so many more.

According to Scott, the planning begins in late March or early April. From there, it’s all out until drafts open during the second week of July. Plus, his job for the year isn’t truly done until one winner is crowned and the fundraising is dispersed.

“It’s a lot,” Scott said. “And at FantasyCares, no one gets paid a dime. It’s all volunteer work… It’s just a ton of work for a good cause.”

It’s truly impressive to see how much good one person, followed by a team of inspired individuals, can do – especially when you consider that Scott also works for SportsHub Game Network, running Safe Leagues, co-hosts the “Commission Impossible Podcast” and appears on  “Fantasy Football Weekly,” the longest-running fantasy football podcast in the world.

Cultivating a Passion, Creating Magic

Anyone can grow a sprout. But it takes a truly special person to grow a garden.

Scott Fish is one of those people. 

Maybe even without knowing it, he impacted my life, inviting me to the tournament’s 10th installment when In-Between Media (IBT) was just launching in 2020. The experience gave me much-needed confidence as a young analyst and helped me meet some people who would become influential in my career.

There will probably never be enough words or a proper way to say thank Scott Fish and his team at FantasyCares for everything they do in the community and world. But we can start by donating to the cause and follow Scott’s mantra:

“When there’s a decision to make, and you take a pause, and you do the thing that the best possible version of you would do – the person you want others to see you as – … And you just keep doing that; eventually, you become that person. You’re no longer needing to take the time to pause or decide what to do. You just slowly become the person you wanted to become over time,” Scott said.

Alright, and here we go.

In the spirit of sprouts, this column’s fantasy analysis will focus my favorite sleeper selections for Scott Fish Bowl 13. With some good fortunes, these assets could grow into contributors to a winning SFB13 team. The following selections are based on not only stats, trends and film research, but also the current Average Draft Position (ADP) data coming from live drafts via Unnecessary Ruffness as of Saturday, July 8.

For more information about the scoring and rules for SFB13, please visit the league’s official site.

Also, check out my full Scott Fish Bowl 13 Buy or Sells!

Scott Fish Bowl 13 Sleepers To Target

Desmond Ridder (QB, Atlanta Falcons) | 121.6 Overall ADP

Marcus Mariota was a top-30 scorer on a points-per-game basis in SFB13 scoring last year. Desmond Ridder performed arguably better in his limited starts, tossing for a 63.5% completion rate and no picks. That was with Drake London and a pretty poor surrounding cast otherwise. 

The issue was low volume. Yet rumors are swirling that the Falcons want to pass more. Kyle Pitts will be back healthy, and their WR2 and WR3 somewhat improved in the signings of Mack Hollins and Scott Miller. Plus, rookie RB Bijan Robinson averaged 13.7 Yards Per Reception (YPR) throughout his college career and will be a pass-catching weapon.

Ridder is also a better rusher than given credit for. While at the University of Cincinnati, he averaged 545 rushing yards and seven rushing TDs per season. That’s sneaky upside going in the 11th round. 

Alvin Kamara (RB, New Orleans Saints) | 95.3 Overall ADP

Look, I get it. Alvin Kamara doesn’t appear to be a great guy if what he allegedly did is true. But whether or not he’s being suspended truly seems up in the air right now. Regardless, it’s a risk I’m willing to take in the eighth or ninth round. 

He finished as a top-52 points-per-game scorer in Scott Fish Bowl 13 scoring last season. While Jamaal Williams and Taysom Hill will vulture goalline work, Kamara scored only four TDs last season. There should be positive regression coming there and with his targets now that Derek Carr is playing quarterback. I’m not as high as the consensus on Kendre Miller, leading me to target Kamara as a potential high-end RB2 at a value in SFB13.

Jahan Dotson (WR, Washington Commanders) | 104.7 Overall ADP

I love Jahan Dotson, and I think new Washington offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy will too. The former Penn State Nittany Lion can be used on end-arounds, screens and one-on-one contested balls. 

As a rookie last year, Doston was the WR45 in SFB13 points-per-game scoring. That was with sub-par QB play and play-calling. Dotson also dealt with injuries and will have a full year of experience under his belt. In addition, I prefer the QB stable of Sam Howell and Jacoby Brissett to Carson Wentz and Taylor Heinicke.

Dotson scored seven touchdowns and averaged over five targets per game last season, showcasing his ability to be a volume receiver with playmaking upside. Curtis Samuel is in the final year of his deal, opening up Dotson to take his rightful place as the WR1B in this offense alongside Terry McLaurin. This is almost an auto smash at his price tag.

Tyler Higbee (TE, Los Angeles Rams) | 113.4 Overall ADP

Tyler Higbee is set to be the No. 2 option in a Matthew Stafford-led Rams offense. That role led to a career-high 108 targets last season and finishing as the TE13 in SFB scoring last year. Finding the endzone just three times in 2022, Higbee is another positive TD regression candidate.

And if the worst-case scenario happens and Stetson Bennett replaces Stafford due to injury, Higbee will be fine. Sophomore TE Brock Bowers was Bennett’s favorite target last season, and incoming rookie TE Darnell Washington also had 28 receptions for 454 yards. 

I would love to target Higbee as my TE2 or even TE1 if the top of the position doesn’t fall to me.

If you have a feel-good story that you would like to share for an opportunity to be featured in an upcoming edition of “Start, Sit & Seth,” please reach out.

And for more fantasy football and feel-good content, you can find me on Twitter @Between_SethFF.

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