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The 10-Scariest Movies To Stream | Netflix, Hulu, Prime + More

The 10 Scariest Movies To Stream

by Steve Lawson

What makes a film one of the scariest movies of all time? A good horror flick has a lot of layers. While some are classics for the simple fact that we love watching teenagers get slashed to bits, others are master classes in true terror. These movies have the ability to make us squirm with fear, want to turn away from the screen and scream in horror.

It’s the job of a horror movie to instill fear in us. It makes those of us who consider ourselves to be horror movie junkies feel alive.

It is my job here at In-Between Media (IBT), to deliver to you the best and most accurate movie reviews, rankings and blurbs. And since it is still spooky season and I am a horror movie junkie, I am here to help you scare the absolute shit out of yourself.

Fair warning:  This is not a list of iconic movies. Instead, this is for those who want to be scared. Camp Crystal Lake can have its time in the sun, but as far as fear? Nah, that ain’t it.

Get your emotional support plushies ready, and have a change of underwear nearby because we are diving into the scariest, most stomach-twisting, terrifying movies of all time.

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The 10 Scariest Movies To Stream

10. “The Blair Witch Project”

Sometimes, all it takes is a creative person with a camera to make a masterpiece. And in the cultural phenomenon “The Blair Witch Project,” that is exactly what happened. In the OG found-footage movie, the fear you feel as a viewer is matched by the cast. In fact, the directors Daniel Myrick and Eduardo Sánchez decided to leave most of the movie unscripted and instead basically tortured their cast out in the woods with various scare tactics. Most of the terror you see on the screen is genuine, and anyone who watched this back when it was released probably hasn’t forgotten the feeling. Kids in the ’90s would begin to set out into the woods themselves in search of their own Blair Witch.

Streaming Platforms: Pararmount+ (Subscription), Amazon Prime Video (Premium Subscription)

9. “Lights Out”

It’s hard to make a PG-13 horror movie really work. But “Lights Out” doesn’t rely on gore or any other extreme themes to scare its audience. Instead, it focuses on the most basic of fears humans have: the dark. A monster that can only exist in the darkness, this film is also a wonderful allegory for depression and the need to allow oneself to move on from pain. If you want a movie that will torment you with drawn-out builds that amount to terrific jump scares, look no further!

Streaming Platforms: Netflix (Subscription)

8. “The Strangers”

I don’t trust AirBnB because of this damn movie. When a young couple (Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman) decides to get away after a friend’s wedding, their relaxing weekend turns into a nightmare. When masked figures descend on the cabin in the woods, terror ensues as the couple is tormented and psychologically tortured for the pleasure of the sick group of strangers. It’s the realistic portrayal of the villains and the singular location that adds to the terror of this one. If you love a good slow burn, this movie is for you.

Streaming Platforms: Netflix (Subscription), Amazon Prime Video (Premium Subscription)

7. “As Above, So Below”

Set in the Catacombs beneath Paris, France, “As Above, So Below” follows a group on their journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone. The premise is a bit ridiculous, but fear not… well, fear yes, but don’t worry about the premise. This movie doesn’t wait too long to turn into a full-on horror-fest. Not long after the movie begins, we are thrust into unease when cultists, tunnels and general paranoia greet us like an old friend. The movie doesn’t let up from there. Once you decide to take this film on, you won’t be able to stop, and the terror will linger long after the credits roll.

Streaming Platforms: Amazon Prime Video (Subscription)

6. “Evil Dead (2013)”

Now, I am not one for gore. I don’t particularly like it, and I think it’s a bit of a cheap way to scare people. Like, sure, having someone chop off a limb is scary, if only because watching it makes me want to puke. But “Evil Dead (2013)” doesn’t just use gore to scare, it uses every damn thing it can to scare the piss out of you. And the makeup department should have won an Oscar for their work. Now, it’s still an “Evil Dead” movie, so if you have a weak stomach, skip this one. Blood is plentiful, and body horror is front and center. But, for you sicko’s out there, sit down, grab the popcorn and enjoy your bloody good time!

Streaming Platforms: Amazon Prime Video (Subscription), Hulu (Subscription)

5. “Insidious Chapter 2”

It’s not often that a sequel is better than an original. Yet, James Wan decided to up his game with “Insidious Chapter 2”. Led by horror king Patrick Wilson (Josh Lambert), this franchise continues to produce plenty of terror. But, it is the second installment that really packed in as much fear, terror and frights as possible. One of the few times in theaters I have wanted to walk out, and not because it was bad, but because it was so scary, was during this film and one other on this list (wait for it). Wan has proven himself to be a horror master, and this film will have you ready to scream from the word go.

Streaming Platforms: Max (Subscription), Amazon Prime Video (Subscription)

4. “Sinister”

You know how little kids are the actual worst? Well, if you didn’t feel that way before, you will after watching “Sinister.” A demon that possesses children and makes them commit grisly and brutal murders of their entire family? Yeah this one is fucked to the max. Add in an amazing acting performance from Ethan Hawke (Ellison), and this demon film will have you both engaged and terrified for the full run-time.

Streaming Platforms: FuboTv (Subscription), YouTube TV (Subscription), Hulu (Premium Subscription)

3. “The Exorcist”

“The power of Christ compels you!” We’ve all yelled that at some point, right? Well, let’s thank “The Exorcist” for giving us that iconic line. One of the few older movies that still holds up as a terrifying nightmare-inducing thrill, the legacy of this movie, as well as the iconic “Tubular Bells” track, will endure for generations to come. Pea soup, spinning heads and possession all contribute to a movie that probably has as much of a claim to the No. 1 spot as any. Yet, it’ll have to settle for top three as two others have scared us just a tiny bit more.

Streaming Platforms: Sling TV (Free), YouTube TV (Subscription), Amazon Prime Video (Premium Subscription)

2. “The Ring”

This movie still has my soul in a vice-grip of fear. Naomi Watts (Rachel Keller) really delivers a masterful performance in this curse-driven film. Horror fans know Samara (Daveigh Chase) and know the timeline she operates on. Seven days is all you have to show the cursed video to someone else and save yourself from the worst plastic surgery of all time. Nothing can prepare you for your first viewing, and when you add in the amazing performance of the makeup and choreography departments, this one earns its place in the upper echelon of horror movies.

Streaming Platforms: The Roku Channel (Free), YouTube TV (Subscription), Paramount+ (Subscription)

1. “The Conjuring”

Behold! The movie that made me swear so loud in theaters that the entire audience had to turn and laugh at me. A sold-out opening night set the stage for me to be so scared that I turned a horror movie into a very brief comedy. I said I have only wanted to walk out of a few movies; this one was the movie that had me closest to packing it in and saying no fucking way. Horror icons Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga are incredible as Ed and Lorraine Warren, the paranormal experts tasked with saving a family who buys a haunted house. Whatever you think you know about this movie, throw it out. Also led by Wan, this flick is sure to cause nightmares in the bravest of brave horror fans.

Streaming Platforms: Max (Subscription), YouTube TV (Subscription), Hulu (Premium Subscription)

Thanks for reading my “The 10 Scariest Movies To Stream.” I hope you have enjoyed yourself, and keep an eye out for more movies, music and show recommendations! For more entertainment and sports takes, find me on Twitter, @Steve_Lawson93.

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