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Through the field

Through the Field: The Checkered Flag

by Elliot Hicks

“Through the Field” is a seasonal column by Elliot Hicks. It follows the NASCAR season and provides broad driver analysis to support Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) and NASCAR betting. Elliot is in his fourth season writing the column and sharing his perspective on life with the In-Between Media (IBT) community. In this edition, he waves the checkered flag on the series, explaining the new changes coming to IBT.

The one constant you’ll always see at the end of any auto race, regardless of the series, regardless of the winner, regardless of any other detail, is the checkered flag waving at the finish line.

As you may have read in the most recent “Start, Sit & Seth” column, the site direction is pivoting away from columns and toward more free-form content.

As a result, the checkered flag is about to go up (you could say the white flag is waving) as “Through the Field” is on its final lap.

Taking a Turn

This doesn’t mean I won’t still be writing for the site as needed, continuing to try to provide unique written content about the ins and outs of the NASCAR Cup Series. Of course, I’ll still be hosting our show “The Backroad” as well, as the show is stronger than ever, as is our connection and devotion to the fantasy NASCAR and NASCAR betting communities. In-Between Media (IBT) even anticipates covering a Cup race in person during this season… but more on that later.

Wrapping up “Through the Field” is a bittersweet moment. I feel like I’ve put out strong columns that I enjoyed writing and, hopefully, that you’ve enjoyed reading. But, at times, it was hard as hell to find a good narrative to push that matched the column’s theme. I won’t miss those days, and I would miss the column on the better days when I feel strongly about a particular topic or moment. However, don’t have to miss it because I’ll still be able to write about it, just in a slightly different fashion than you’ve gotten used to in this column.

A theme that came to me while I was half-asleep this week (and perhaps coming subconsciously from seeing it on my favorite driver’s No. 48 car week in and week out) is to “do it right.” Of course, I feel we’ve more often than not done it right at IBT. And I feel like we are continuing to do it right, perhaps better than ever, as the site continues to move forward into a new era (while still keeping around some of the longtime contributors that you know and love).

If you’re looking for some opinions on who to roll with in your bets and fantasy plays in the future, “The Backroad” continues to be the best place for that. Seth, Rod and our guests really know what they’re talking about, and I’ve dipped my toes more into the betting scene more than ever now, cause believe it or not, we’re usually pretty solid with our analysis. We hope you think so, too, and we know we’ll win you some dough if you are courteous enough to give us your time to watch.

And, when I have thoughts on what’s going on in the sport or a strong feeling on who to watch each week on the track (other than my beloved 48 car; damn, that feels weird to type growing up as a Dale Earnhardt Jr. fan when Jimmie was kicking our ass in that number back in the day), you’ll still be able to read them right here.

And with that, the checkered flag waves, and we’ve crossed the finish line.

Thanks for reading. For more fantasy NASCAR and life advice, follow me on Twitter, @EHicks39, or check out more of my work at Elliot-Hicks.com.

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