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Super Bowl LVIII PrizePicks Player Props: Travis Kelce + More

Tootsie’s Picks: Super Bowl LVIII PrizePicks Player Predictions

by Rachel (@tootsiepop6)

Here we are! The big game is just around the corner. Super Bowl LVIII will feature the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. Neither of these teams is new to this grand finale, as they both met up at Super Bowl LIV in February 2020.

It’s anyone’s guess who will pull out the win. Will it be NFL darling Patrick Mahomes who has captured hearts over the last several years with his unmatched athletic talents? Or will it be a newcomer to the big show, Brock Purdy, who can’t be mentioned without the qualifier of being Mr. Irrelevant from the 2022 NFL Draft?

The one thing that we know for certain is that prop bets on PrizePicks for the Super Bowl are the juiciest they have ever been. Let’s dig in and find the surefire lines we can smash!

Here are my Super Bowl LVIII PrizePicks player predictions.

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Super Bowl LVIII PrizePicks Player Predictions

Patrick Mahomes (QB, Kansas City Chiefs) More Than 0.5 Passing Yards

First, let’s talk about the amazing discounts PrizePicks offers. Right now, they have a crazy cool discounted line of 0.5 Pass Yards for Mahomes. This is NFL darling Mahomes we are talking about. Easy smash the over on this! Duh.

Isiah Pacheco (RB, Kansas City Chiefs) MORE Than 0.5 Rushing + Receiving TDs

What can you count on as guarantees in life? Death, taxes and an Isiah Pacheco touchdown in a post-season game. Pacheco has had a rushing touchdown in each of his three playoff games this season: one against the Miami Dolphins, one against the Buffalo Bills and one against Baltimore Ravens. Add another for him when he faces the 49ers!

The second-year back had seven rushing touchdowns during the regular season and two receiving touchdowns. Pacheco and touchdowns go together like tomato soup and grilled cheese. He will get at least one rushing or receiving touchdown in Super Bowl LVIII. Lock it in on PrizePicks!

This line of just 1.5 receptions for Noah Gray is a sneaky good one to grab. He averaged 1.75 receptions per game during the regular season. In this post-season, he had a total of six receptions across the three games, which averages to two per game. The over of this line has hit five times out of Gray’s last 10 games. This current Kansas City Chiefs team uses multiple tight ends regularly. With the Lombardi Trophy at stake, the 49ers’ defense will be keyed on limiting superstars Travis Kelce and Rashee Rice. Undoubtedly, Mahomes will need to turn to other options like Gray. Hit the over on this PrizePicks prop.

Travis Kelce (TE, Kansas City Chiefs) More Than 69.5 Receiving Yards

There is nothing sweeter than having a loving supporter cheer you on at a post-season game. Travis Kelce is lucky to have just that. And I’m talking about his brother Jason Kelce at the Chiefs’ last two postseason games. There’s no coincidence between that and Travis Kelce averaging 95.5 receiving yards in those two games. Am I right? There is doubt in my mind that Jason Kelce will be at the Super Bowl cheering his brother on once again.

In the AFC Championship against the Baltimore Ravens, Travis Kelce and Mahomes were totally in sync. The 34-year-old tight end caught a whopping 11 receptions, securing all 11 targets. This duo is locked and loaded, ready to rock out again come Super Bowl LVIII.

Brandon Aiyuk (WR, San Fransico 49ers) Less Than 4.5 Receptions

In the regular season, the Kansas City Chiefs only allowed opposing wide receivers an average of 10.7 receptions per game. 49ers receiver Brandon Aiyuk will be splitting targets with Deebo Samuel, Jauan Jennings, George Kittle and perennial favorite Christian McCaffrey. In two post-season games this season, Aiyuk had just three receptions in each. On the regular season as a whole, he averaged 4.7 receptions per game. It’s unlikely for him to surpass 4.5 receptions in the big game with the Chiefs’ elite secondary ready to shut down the 49ers’ passing attack. Take the under on this PrizePicks line.

Christian McCaffrey (RB, San Francisco 49ers) More Than 90.5 Rushing Yards

There’s no question that McCaffrey is a beast. He averaged 91.2 rushing yards per game in the regular season. In the post-season thus far, he’s averaged 94. This is his first Super Bowl appearance, and he has the hunger for the Lombardi. When Purdy gets flustered, he depends on “CMC” to move the ball. I expect he’ll be the safety valve for the 49ers’ offense in the Super Bowl. In his last 10 games, McCaffrey has exceeded this line seven times.  It’s CMC’s time to shine. He wants that damn ring. Smash the over on this PrizePicks prop.

Brock Purdy (QB, San Francisco 49ers) Less Than 21.5 Passing Completions

In his last 10 games, Purdy has hit the under on this line eight times, throwing for below 21.5 pass completions 80% of the time. With the Super Bowl on the line and the added pressure that comes with that, I expect that he will once again hit below this number. The Kansas City Chiefs’ defense ranks sixth in limiting pass completions, only allowing an average of 19.9 completions per game in the regular season. There’s no question that they will limit Purdy in this game. I anticipate the 49ers to feature McCaffrey on the ground more, so I’m taking the less than on this PrizePicks prop.

There’s no telling which team will emerge victorious at the Super Bowl. All of the blood, sweat and tears of the 2023 NFL season come to a conclusion with this game. We made it. Let’s sit back and enjoy the show.

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Remember, with any PrizePicks play, follow your gut on the lines you agree with. Always play responsibly. And always, always make sure you’re having fun with it!

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*Photo Credit: Tommy Gilligan – USA TODAY Sports*

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