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Cody Rhodes | WWE Bettings Odds, Picks & Predictions: Wrestlemania 40

WWE Betting Odds, Picks & Predictions: Wrestlemania 40

by IBT Media Staff

WrestleMania, being “The Super Bowl” of the wrestling industry, sees every man and woman on the roster fighting for an opportunity to showcase themselves on “The Show of Shows.” As WWE prepares to celebrate the 40th anniversary of WrestleMania in Philadelphia this year, our In-Between Media (IBT) staff is doing some preparation of their own. Follow along as Steve Lawson, Matt Kelley and Hoov sift through the WWE betting odds and make their predictions for the WrestleMania 40 card.

As the Wrestlemania card is always subject to change, our predictions are based on the odds and information available to the public at publishing.

(Odds courtesy of BetUS)

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WWE Betting Odds, Picks & Predictions: Wrestlemania 40

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Seth Rollins (+375) Drew McIntyre (-650)

I didn’t initially pay much attention to this feud, but Drew McIntyre’s recent transformation has completely changed my perspective. Under Triple H’s guidance, McIntyre has evolved into one of the most compelling wrestling heels, embodying the arrogant, violent and brutish persona we all knew he could master. While I used to cheer him on as a face, this iteration of McIntyre is far more captivating. It’s clear that Seth Rollins has achieved all he can with the World Heavyweight Championship, and it’s time for fresh ideas and storylines to take center stage.

Steve’s Pick: Drew McIntyre (-650)

RAW Women’s Championship

Rhea Ripley (-500) Becky Lynch (+300)

Rhea Ripley vs. Becky Lynch is also known as the match we’ve been waiting for all year on WWE’s “Raw.” It wasn’t hard for the viewer to figure out that Wrestlemania was the only proper place to have this iconic match between these two, seeing how both wrestlers somehow avoided one another throughout the year while they were each at the top of their game.

The rise of Rhea Ripley has been incredibly deserving, and the only way to put the proper bow on her iconic run as this dominant leader of The Judgement Day is to get a win over “The Man” Becky Lynch on “The Grandest Stage of Them All.”

Hoov’s Pick: Rhea Ripley (-500)

United States Championship

Logan Paul (-450) Randy Orton (+425) Kevin Owens (+400)

Picture this: A match with a lackluster build-up but an aftermath that steals the show.

Imagine Randy Orton on the brink of victory, only to be cheated out of the championship by someone like Kevin Owens or Logan Paul. After the match, Orton extends a hand in respect, only to deliver an unexpected RKO, launching himself back into his infamous heel persona. This is the Orton of 2009, “The Viper,” at his captivating best as a villain. He’s on the verge of being hailed as one of the greatest WWE superstars of all time. It’s time to let him return to his true calling.

Steve’s Pick: Logan Paul (-450)

Smackdown Women’s Championship

Iyo Sky (+500) Bayley (-900)

After the split of Damage CTRL with Bayley on “SmackDown” in early February, the match for the WWE Women’s Championship appeared to have a real chance of headlining night one of WrestleMania. However, as is typical during WrestleMania season, another story gained momentum and took Iyo Sky/Bayley’s place on the card. I believe this is still one of WWE’s better long-term storylines in recent times. Bayley is a -900 favorite to win the title. This is when she solidifies her status as a main event player and one of the best talents on the roster by defeating Iyo Sky to become the WWE Women’s Champion.

Matt’s Pick: Bayley (-450)

“Who’s Game Is It” Match

LA Knight (-700) AJ Styles (+400)

“Let me talk to ya” – LA Knight.

I’m not sure how this match will impact the future of the WWE, but one thing’s for sure:  It will be total nonstop action, “YEAH!”

Last year, we saw LA Knight’s historic rise from being a manager named Max Dupri to becoming a star that shines so bright that it makes the sun in the sky look like Twitter when you forget to put it on dark mode.

At one point, AJ Styles’ career was very similar to where Knight is currently. He went from being one of the biggest names on the independent wrestling circuit to becoming “The Face That Runs The Place” on WWE’s “SmackDown.” Styles was one of the major reasons why “Smackdown Live” became so popular back in 2017, but unfortunately, that was seven years ago. A new person is taking over the game and will everybody say it? … “LA Knight, YEAH!”

Hoov’s Pick: LA Knight (-700)

Intercontinental Championship

Gunther (-400) Sami Zayn (+250)

I wouldn’t bet against many in-ring talents to defeat Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship. Still, I also wouldn’t bet against many when it comes to Sami Zayn finally getting his Wrestlemania moment as a singles performer and winning gold.

Last year, we saw Zayn and Kevin Owens defeat The Usos for the Tag Team Championships in the Main Event of night one of Wrestlemania 39. Not only did Zayn get to be in the Main Event, but he also helped defeat the longest-reigning Tag Team Champions at that time. This year, hopefully, we’ll see Zayn finally get his moment as a singles wrestler by defeating Gunther, the longest-reigning Intercontinental Champion.

Hoov’s Pick: Sami Zayn (+250)

Brother vs. Brother Match

Jey Uso (-300) Jimmy Uso (+200)

“Yeet” vs. “No Yeet.” Jey Uce vs. Jimmy Uce. Brother vs. Brother.

Admittedly, I did not expect Jey Uso to be over, like over with the audience, but he is, and it’s an amazing sight to behold. I watched a sit-down with the Usos some time ago and they both agreed this is their dream match. Just as a person, to see this fulfilled for them is awesome.

From a storyline perspective, I’m incredibly interested in how this match plays out and what implications it may have coming out of Wrestlemania. While Jey Udo is a heavy favorite to win, it’s worth noting that he currently has the lowest odds on the card of all the favorites.

Matt’s Pick: Jimmy Uso (+200)

Six-Pack Tag Team Championship Match

(WWE betting odds are unavailable for this match)

Judgement Day The New Day
DIY The Awesome Truth
Austin Theory & Grayson Waller Pete Dunne & Tyler Bate

Many factions are headed barreling towards conflict at Wrestlemania, and (Tag Team Champions) The Judgement Day is no different than the other five contenders. With Damian Priest still holding the “Money in the Bank” contract and the contract deadline looming in July, Finn Balor and Priest are very likely to drop the belts at Wrestlemania.

Ladder matches have been a Wrestlemania fixture over the last several years, albeit usually in singles competition. This match should provide plenty of false finishes and high spots. Unfortunately, there are no current WWE betting odds for the Tag Team Championships at this time.

Matt’s Pick: Awesome Truth

“Head of the Table” Tag Team Match (Main Event)

Cody Rhodes & Seth Rollins (+350)  Roman Reigns & The Rock (-600)

The main event for night one is significant and has heavy implications for night two. If Roman Reigns and The Rock beat Seth Rollins and Cody Rhodes, Sunday’s main event becomes “Bloodline Rules,” giving Roman Reigns a significant advantage over Cody Rhodes. With this specific stipulation in place, the WWE will likely use it from a storyline perspective.

Although I believe that Rhodes vs. Reigns can stand on its own, WWE is unlikely to miss the opportunity to have The Rock appear once again. Reigns and The Rock are heavily favored here, making Sunday’s main event likely to be a 30-minute affair.

Matt’s Pick: Roman Reigns & The Rock (-600)

WWE Universal Championship: Main Event

Cody Rhodes (-400) Roman Reigns (+250)

I am not done with Reigns. However, I strongly believe it’s time for him to be dethroned for the title, paving the way for an epic feud with The Rock.

Imagine:  Reigns loses after winning the tag team match on night one, only for The Rock to betray him, sparking an intense “I am the true Head of the Table” storyline leading up to the next Wrestlemania or perhaps even Summerslam. While it seems like Rhodes might be the one to dethrone Roman, I don’t think he’s the right fit for this pivotal moment. However, it appears to be the current plan.

Steve’s Pick: Cody Rhodes (-400)

Thanks for reading our WWE betting odds, picks & predictions for Wrestlemania 40! Find more entertainment content here on our website and our YouTube channel.

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