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2024 NFL Mock Draft With Trades: First-Round Picks & Predictions | Jayden Daniels

Hoov’s 2024 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Picks & Predictions

by Hoov

With the NFL season slowly coming to an end, it’s time to put some excitement back in those franchises that are on the outside looking in of the playoff picture. Let’s take an early look at where some NFL franchises could fall on the draft board, what teams could be looking to move around in the first round and some of the biggest stars in the upcoming draft class with my inaugural 2024 NFL Mock Draft.

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2024 NFL Mock Draft: First-Round Picks & Predictions

1. New England Patriots (via Bears *CAR): Caleb Williams (QB, USC)

Only Bears fans could have a starting-caliber quarterback that’s viewed unanimously around the league as one, yet they think that a new one will fix the problems that have been going on in Chicago throughout multiple regimes. Justin Fields is NOT the problem. So why not give him a greater chance at success by moving down from first overall and continuing to build a team around him?

As for the Patriots, though… yeah, Mac Jones is the problem. With Bill Belichick more than likely coaching his last season in New England, Robert Kraft will have to start looking for the future of the Patriots with a new general manager and head coach. It will be extremely difficult to find a highly sought-after head coaching candidate who wants to try to fill Belichick’s shoes. Maybe allowing your next head coach to draft someone like Caleb Williams could help turn a few heads toward New England?

Trade Package:

New England Patriots:

  • 2024 First Overall Pick (1.01) via Chicago

Chicago Bears:

  • 2024 First-Round pick (1.03) via New England Patriots
  • 2025 First-Round Pick via New England Patriots
  • 2025 Second-Round Pick via New England Patriots

2. Chicago Bears: Marvin Harrison Jr. (WR, Ohio State)

After the Bears move down from the 1.01, they can still select a generational playmaker for their offense and, more importantly, one that will give Fields a chance at success with a fellow Ohio State product.

Do you know how you mend a relationship that could be damaged from speculation around whether or not you’ll be replaced for two seasons now? You draft him Marvin Harrison Jr. to show that you believe in him long-term.

3. Chicago Bears (via Patriots): Jared Verse (DE, Florida State)

The stats point towards the Bears targeting a cornerback with their first defensive selection, as they’re currently ranked third in the NFL for most passing touchdowns allowed. However, I don’t think Kool-Aid McKinstry is as big of a threat in the secondary compared to the threat of Jared Verse on the defensive line.

A few seasons ago, a one-two punch of Montez Sweat and Yannick Ngakoue would’ve been viewed as one of the best in the league, but the reality is that Ngakoue is only on a one-year deal and not close to being the same player he once was. Verse, previously being viewed as a mid-first-round pick in 2023, has top-five potential written all over him after waiting another season in college before entering the 2024 Draft.

4. Washington Commanders: Drake Maye (QB, North Carolina)

Sam Howell has shown that he can play football in the NFL with how he’s played this season, overcoming a terrible offensive line in the process. However, with new ownership in Washington, including Magic Johnson, who has publicly shown frustration with how the team has been playing, the people in charge have to appease the fan base and the investors by giving them a sliver of hope for the future. A shiny new franchise quarterback could put a lot of hope in that fanbase and those investors.

Also, it’s important to note that the Commanders could protect Drake Maye during his rookie season by putting Howell in to start the year while the new offensive line they get in the offseason works out the kinks.

5. Tennessee Titans: Olu Fashanu (OT, Penn State)

The Titans did just draft Peter Skoronski in 2023, but with the Andre Dillard signing not paying off, the offensive line in Tennessee still needs improvement. When most of your offense revolves around having a dominant run game, you need a solid offensive line to create gaps for Derrick Henry and Tyjae Spears to run through. Maybe bringing in Olu Fashanu to be that replacement for Taylor Lewan, like Dillard was supposed to be, could be the answer Tennessee is looking for.

6. Arizona Cardinals: Joe Alt (OT, Notre Dame)

It was fun while it lasted to dream about the Cardinals moving on from Kyler Murray‘s contract. Still, with the Cardinals not in range to draft Williams or Maye in this scenario, they only have one option:  Protect Kyler Murray. Although the Cardinals did draft Paris Johnson Jr. in this spot last year, they still need a LT to replace D.J. Humphries. He turns 30 this season, and the Cardinals could opt out of his contract in 2024, clearing around $23 million from the salary cap.

7. New York Giants: Laiatu Latu (DE, UCLA)

With the abundance of holes that the New York Giants possess, it’s a wild guess for any analyst on which position they will target this early in the draft. New York’s defense is currently third in the NFL for the most rushing touchdowns allowed, second in the NFL for most rushing Yards Per Carry (YPC) and top 10 in most rushing yards allowed. Maybe it’s time to bring in another top edge rusher to put on the other side of Kayvon Thibodeaux.

8. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (via Raiders): Jayden Daniels (QB, LSU)

Is it a bit shocking for the Raiders to pass on a Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback when they’re starting Aidan O’Connell. However, the Raiders know they have to fill quite a few holes to fill before being able to go toe to toe with Kansas City. The Raiders could also move down in the draft with their eyes set on a J.J. McCarthy, Michael Penix Jr. or Bo Nix later in the first round while collecting draft picks.

As far as the Buccaneers go, Baker Mayfield (like Howell a few picks earlier) has shown us a lot this season. Yet, has he shown us that he’s worth passing up on a younger Heisman Trophy-winning quarterback? Mayfield is set to be a free agent in 2024. But wouldn’t it be cool to see two Heisman winners battling for the starting spot in Tampa Bay next preseason?

Trade Package:

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

  • First-Round Pick (1.08) via Las Vegas Raiders

Las Vegas Raiders:

  • 2024 First-Round Pick (1.13) via Tampa Bay Buccaneers
  • 2025 First-Round Pick via Tampa Bay Buccaneers

9. New York Jets: JC Latham (OT, Alabama)

Of course, the Jets will focus on the offensive line. The Jets and everybody around the league know that other than having to bank on a backup quarterback who’s got the yips because Aaron Rodgers got hurt, it’s the biggest flaw on the team. You could pick any Jets game this year to watch, and that would show clear as day. The Jets have one or two chances to chase a Super Bowl with Aaron Rodgers. They better find a way to protect him next year, coming off that Achilles injury. Dolphin sex might be good for rehabbing your Achilles, but drafting JC Latham is great for keeping it healthy.

10. Los Angeles Chargers: Brock Bowers (TE, Georgia)

You know how fantasy football managers didn’t want to make the same mistake this year by not picking up Keaton Mitchell after not grabbing Devon Achane off waivers? Well, the Chargers will learn from their mistake of not drafting Dalton Kincaid in 2023 and right that wrong that they made. They probably did the right thing truthfully when comparing BrockBowers as a prospect to Kincaid.

The Chargers will refuse to throw in the towel on Quentin Johnston, but adding Bowers to the offense will make Johnston’s lack of production not impact the team’s success as much.

11. Cincinnati Bengals: Malik Nabers (WR, LSU)

I hope none of you bought a Tee Higgins Cincinnati Bengals jersey for your loved one this holiday season, or at least I hope you kept the receipt if you did. I’m about to say one thing that my fantasy team hasn’t heard all season:  Tee Higgins is GONE. With the Bengals proving that they need to invest more into the protection of Joe Burrow, Higgins is the odd man out for getting paid in Cincinnati. Higgins will get franchise-tagged or hit free agency. Meanwhile, the Bengals will bring in another weapon out of LSU to play with Joe Burrow and Ja’Marr Chase.

12. New Orleans Saints: Dallas Turner (DE, Alabama)

This is the third time in this draft alone that you’re seeing just how much of a copycat league the NFL is and can be. Having two dominant edge rushers is just what every defense is looking for nowadays. If Nick Bosa and Chase Young win a ring together in San Fransisco this season, it will show very clearly how good the results can be by doing so. The Saints currently are fifth in the NFL for most rushing yards allowed and are desperately in need of another top edge rusher to put on the other side of the aging Cameron Jordan. Depending on who you ask, some believe Dallas Turner is the best edge rusher in the 2024 NFL Draft class.

13. Las Vegas Raiders (via Buccaneers): J.J. McCarthy (QB, Michigan)

Now we come to why the Raiders would want to move down from Daniels at 1.08. If Jim Harbaugh becomes the next Raiders head coach, it only makes sense for him to draft his guy, J.J. McCarthy. Harbaugh would probably draft McCarthy at eight over Jayden Daniels, knowing the talent that McCarthy has and how to unlock it. Overall, though, what’s best for the Raiders would be to move back and collect assets while getting McCarthy on a cheaper rookie contract than Daniels. It’s a win-win scenario. The Buccaneers trade assets to go all-in on a weak NFC-South, while the Raiders move back and collect assets for a rebuild in a Chiefs-dominated AFC-West.

14. Pittsburgh Steelers: Kool-Aid McKinstry (CB, Alabama)

On paper, the Steelers’ defense isn’t playing terribly this season. Still, if T.J. Watt weren’t playing like a Defensive Player of the Year (DPOY) candidate, those stats would look much more accurate to the feel around Pittsburgh. Although their secondary isn’t in the top 10 in most of the categories that show inefficiency, they’re currently on Chicago’s heels for cracking the top 10 in passing yards allowed. Although the 2024 cornerback class is closer than the draft classes in previous years, McKinstry is the CB1 of the 2024 draft and may slide right into Pittsburgh’s hands with the amount of talent going in the top 10 this year.

15. Seattle Seahawks: Michael Penix Jr. (QB, Washington)

It was fun while it lasted to see the comeback of Geno Smith and the resurgence of his career. Yet, we are starting to see that Pete Carroll is just very good at covering up quarterbacks’ mistakes, and that might be why Smith looked as good as he did in 2022. Even with Carroll at the helm, Smith had quite a disappointing season this year, which comes as a surprise after Seattle made the additions of rookies Jaxon Smith-Njigba and Zach Charbonnet.

It’s time to look for the future of the Seahawks and, more importantly, a quarterback in the same age group as these young assets so they can grow together. Carroll isn’t getting any younger. I don’t think he can realistically believe he can win a Super Bowl in the next five years with Smith as his quarterback.

16. Los Angeles Rams: Jer’Zhan Newton (DI, Illinois)

Although you hate to hear it, it’s time to find an Aaron Donald replacement if you’re the Rams. Los Angeles just found their future at wide receiver with Puka Nacua. Now it’s time to find your next star replacement on the defensive side. Jer’Zhan Newton is clearly the best interior defensive lineman in the 2024 NFL Draft class, and if he falls out of the top 15, the Rams may have found a star with their first day-one draft pick since Jared Goff in 2016.

17. Buffalo Bills: Keon Coleman (WR, Florida State)

I wonder how many times on draft day Gabriel Davis will wish he caught that pass against Philadelphia. All jokes aside, it’s nothing really against Davis. He’s a fine receiver, but he’s just not a receiver that plays “Josh Allen football.” The Bills need more than what Davis can offer them as their WR2, and Khalil Shakir hasn’t shown any promise that he can have a real impact in this Buffalo offense. Keon Coleman in a Buffalo Bills jersey… Gimme, gimme.

18. Jacksonville Jaguars: Cooper DeJean (CB, Iowa)

You know how I mentioned earlier about the Steelers not statistically looking bad in the secondary but still needing to draft a cornerback? This is most definitely not the case in Jacksonville. The Jaguars easily have one of the league’s worst pass defenses. They rank second overall in passing yards allowed, fourth in passing touchdowns allowed, second in passing attempts seen and second in completion rate allowed. If the Jaguars don’t draft a cornerback in the first round, I will change my Twitter name to “IdiotBoy” because, obviously, I don’t know what I’m talking about.

19. Minnesota Vikings: Bo Nix (QB, Oregon)

Now that the Joshua Dobbs story has come to a close, I think Vikings fans have realized that Kirk Cousins will be getting another four-year contract in Minnesota. This isn’t only because he has the best agent in the NFL. Most of it will probably be top-heavy due to the Vikings wanting to draft a young QB who can grow in this offense alongside Justin Jefferson and Jordan Addison. Cousins being the mentor to Bo Nix until his time concludes probably sounds like a dream for most Vikings fans.

20. Green Bay Packers: Amarius Mims (OT, Georgia)

I’d say let’s pour one out for David Bakhtiari, but he could probably chug a beer faster than I could pour one out. Bakhtiari’s injuries have been a struggle for the Packers in the last few seasons, especially considering his contract. It’s time to move on from one of the last remaining pieces of the Aaron Rodgers saga and rebuild an offensive line that has struggled the majority of the 2023 season.

21. Indianapolis Colts: Nate Wiggins (CB, Clemson)

The Colts clearly have a big need on defense, more importantly on the defensive line. They are ranked second in rushing attempts seen, second in rushing touchdowns permitted and fourth in rushing yards allowed. With that big of a need for the Colts, I don’t see them drafting the fourth-best defensive end in Demeioun “Chop” Robinson and instead targeting big names in NFL Free Agency. Going up against pairs like Nico Collins/Tank Dell and Calvin Ridley/Christian Kirk twice a season for the foreseeable future, the Colts will need more than Darrell Baker to help out Kenny Moore. Henceforth, welcome Nate Wiggins to Indianapolis.

22. Dallas Cowboys: Emeka Egbuka (WR, Ohio State)

The Cowboys have one of the best offenses in the league right now, but a lack of weapons is the main reason the 49ers are significantly better than them. More than likely, it will ultimately be the reason for their downfall in the playoffs, too. Brandin Cooks has started to produce in Dallas, but they have to find a younger replacement for the future instead of hoping for Michael Gallup to do something.

23. Denver Broncos: Taliese Fuaga (OT, Oregon State)

As of right now, Russell Wilson has taken 38 sacks this season, which is fourth in the league, and a 9.1% sack rate, which is sixth in the league. That’s very close to one of every 10 snaps he takes, he gets sacked. That doesn’t even point out how many times he’s had to make plays happen with the line collapsing. Wilson needs protection. The Broncos locked Mike McGlinchey into a five-year contract, but Garrett Bolles has continuously been mentioned in trade rumors. Maybe this offseason is when a team finally calls Denver for the former first-rounder.

24. Baltimore Ravens: Kalen King (CB, Penn State)

Although the Ravens’ defense has currently only allowed the fourth-fewest passing yards, cornerback is the obvious choice for their first pick. The Ravens have multiple cornerbacks who are set to be free agents at the end of the season. Even if they re-sign one of the veterans who know the system, Baltimore has to grab a cornerback early.

25. Atlanta Falcons: Demeioun “Chop” Robinson (DE, Penn State)

Last year, the Falcons had to pass on defensive players like Jalen Carter and Lukas Van Ness to draft Bijan Robinson. With Calais Campbell currently looking at the end of his career and set to be a free agent at the end of the year, it would be a great idea to focus on getting youth on the defensive line in Robinson while also re-signing Jeff Okudah for the need in the secondary.

26. Arizona Cardinals (via Texans): J.T. Tuimoloau (DE, Ohio State)

The Cardinals have three defensive linemen set to hit free agency this offseason. With Arizona allowing the third-most rushing yards this season so far, good riddance. Let’s get some stars on that defensive line. The Cardinals have plenty of holes to focus on with this second first-round pick. Yet, with Arizona building up the offensive line with their first selection in Alt, more than likely, they split the picks between offense and defense.

27. Detroit Lions: Bralen Trice (DE, Washington)

A lot like the other teams listed above, teams are catching onto the trend of having two elite-level edge rushers. Lions fans have been pushing for another playmaker to put on the other side of Aidan Hutchinson since draft time last year, hoping they would draft a DE with the Jahmyr Gibbs pick. It does help justify the pick for Bralen Trice, knowing that the Lions will have multiple defensive ends hitting the free-agency market in the offseason.

28. Houston Texans (via Browns): Barrett Carter (LB, Clemson)

Houston has two middle linebackers set to hit free agency this offseason, including starting linebacker Denzel Perryman. So going after another linebacker makes a lot of sense to help fill the whole in the linebacker room. Demeco Ryans is probably happier than anyone that Houston’s wide receiving corps proved themselves this season so that he could use his next first-rounder on another defensive asset.

29. Kansas City Chiefs: Rome Odunze (WR, Washington)

The Chiefs are drafting a wide receiver… shocker. To break it down for you, Kansas City has two options:  They take another shot on a rookie WR with this first-round pick, or they trade this pick for a veteran receiver. The Chiefs need a wide receiver badly. It’s honestly mind-blowing that Rashee Rice, as a rookie, is playing smarter football than his veteran teammate Kadarius Toney.

To quote Jagger May, “The Chiefs receiving core is a bunch of one-trick ponies, and they’re not even good at that one trick.”

There will be at least two vacancies in the Chiefs’ wide receiving room at the end of the season, and one of those spots should be filled by Rome Odunze.

30. Philadelphia Eagles: Jeremiah Trotter Jr. (LB, Clemson)

The Eagles’ offseason will be very interesting with players like Jason Kelce, Fletcher Cox, D’Andre Swift and the new band-aid the Eagles just put on their linebacking core, Shaquille Leonard, all set to be Unrestricted Free Agents (UFAs). Leonard signed a one-year deal with the Eagles, but he and three other linebackers are set to hit free agency after the season. It looks like the Eagles will have to make a hard choice on where to use this draft pick, but my money leans on a linebacking corps that’s been just as bad of an issue as the secondary.

31. Miami Dolphins: Kamren Kinchens (S, Miami)

Going into the offseason, the Dolphins are set to have three safeties hit free agency, one being starting strong safety DeShon Elliott. The Dolphins will have plenty of leadership around this defensive unit if they want to let Elliott walk and choose to mentor a kid from Miami. Honestly, the dice might’ve fallen this way, but how can you not root for this to happen? I mean seriously, though.

32. San Francisco 49ers: Josh Newton (CB, TCU)

At the NFL Trade Deadline, there were a few options that the 49ers could do. One was going after Bears cornerback Jaylon Johnson. San Francisco ultimately went a different direction by acquiring Chase Young, but the need in the secondary remains the same for a cornerback. Although Josh Newton might be the fifth cornerback off the board in this mock draft, the 49ers just added a cornerback who easily could be the second one to go off the board behind Kool-Aid McKinstry.

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