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Jen’s Friday Night Insights: Solicited Advice

by Jen Polvogt

Who here doesn’t have problems? Who here doesn’t have questions? Who here feels like they have nowhere to turn when they don’t know what step to take next? All of us. That’s who. 

I’ve been writing about my life for In-Between Media for nearly 2 years now and in this offseason, we’re shaking things up a bit. Instead of writing about my life, the strange-yet-relatable situations I’ve been in and giving unsolicited advice, I’m starting a new journey: “Ask Jen Anything” (AJA). 

It’s the same idea as “Ask Me Anything” (AMA), as we’ve seen on the socials. It’s an opportunity to start a discussion and literally ask me anything. I recently turned the “Big 4-0” so I have things to say. 

I’ve been a straight-A student, gotten into trouble and been a rebellious teenager. I’ve had seven lost pregnancies, I’m a surviving parent of a 4-year-old and I’ve been married twice. I’ve been to college, had a career and I own real estate and a car with no debt. I’ve traveled the world and have stories for days. So, why not open myself up to answering questions? Well, here I am. Ask me anything.

I’m an open book and can unashamedly ask anyone anything, so I’m turning the tables, inviting anyone who has questions to ask them. 

Will it always be uplifting and comfortable? I hope not. 

Will someone identify with what I’m writing about? Probably. 

Will this new adventure be entertaining? Guaranteed.

I want to continue the conversation, but I need input. I will foster a safe space where people can publicly or anonymously ask questions. I’ve seen death, life and everything in between. I may not have all the answers, but as a collective, we can discuss and ponder the endless questions that come with our journeys. 

From now until the late summer, I’ll be writing a “Between the Seasons Spinoff” column, “Ask Jen Anything.” You can Direct Message (DM) me on Twitter with anything that’s on your mind or email me. I’ll be addressing questions over the next 7 months and I invite any you may have. Let’s start a new conversation and eliminate the stigma that comes with asking for advice. You can choose to be anonymous or you can wave your flag publicly. It’s up to you.

So, without further adieu, bring it on!

While discussing the newness that’s coming this offseason, let’s dig deeper into the rookie class and talk about two more players with potentially bright futures in the NFL. For my breakdown on the top-two quarterback prospects, Matt Corral and Kenny Pickett, see my column from last month.

Jen’s Friday Night Insights: Incoming Rookies with Upside

Malik Willis (QB, Liberty University)

Malik Willis had the second-most rushing yards for a QB in college football in 2021 with 878.

I’m not a college football analyst. I don’t follow college players, nor do I watch the games. I do, however, listen to my fellow football enthusiasts. After analyzing the top prospects in my latest column, it’s only fair I break down Malik Willis, as well. 

The film I watched on Willis was rather enlightening. I was giddy watching the 22-year-old play. His accuracy is mesmerizing. His speed is shocking. His arm strength is undeniable. At 6’1” and 215 pounds, he’s not the largest QB entering the draft. However, he’s a triple threat with his arm, speed and courage.

He will more than likely go in the first round of the NFL Draft in April, as he should. He threw for 2,857 yards, 27 touchdowns and 12 interceptions in his senior season, which make him a highly-sought after in a league that keeps watching quarterbacks retire. 

Regardless of his landing spot, he is likely to go undrafted in single-QB redraft leagues, but keep an eye on him later in superflex leagues or dynasty rookie drafts.

David Bell (WR, Purdue University)

David Bell already looks like he’s an NFL wide receiver. There. I said it. He doesn’t have many kinks to smooth out. He’s quick, reads the defense and makes plays that result in touchdowns. The 2021 season reflects well on Bell. He had 1,286 receiving yards, six touchdowns and a whopping 13.8 average Yards Per Reception (YPR). For comparison, Cooper Kupp ended the regular season as the fantasy Points Per Reception (PPR) WR1, with an average of 13.4 YPR.

Bell has spent his time at Purdue University wisely; he made a name for himself and will prove to make a difference on his next team. He was highly targeted last season, making quick plays that turn into large gains and touchdowns. He’s a smart player who keeps the defense paying attention.

Bell is seen as a day-two NFL prospect and could have some fantasy relevance in his rookie season, depending on the landing spot. He’s a name worth watching.

I’m here to join the conversation, drink in hand and watch the 2021 NFL postseason unfold. Cheers! If you choose to make any of my drink recipes, I’d love to see them. Please take a picture and tag me!

Bi-Weekly Drink Recipe: 

Championship Margarita

  • 2 oz tequila
  • 4 oz beer (Corona or similar)
  • 2 oz fresh lime juice
  • Lemon slice for garnish
  • Add all ingredients over ice in a frosty mug, gently stir and enjoy!

Thanks for reading, and follow me on Twitter for more motherly and fantasy sports advice @JenPolvogt.

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