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Week 8 fantasy football takeaways

Decisions, Decisions: Dealing With Disappointment

by Mike Tulanko

NFL fandom, relationships, fantasy rosters, a new restaurant, rookie seasons, big plans and wagers can all bring the shine of success and the distress of disappointment. The way one reacts to the positives and negatives is what defines us as people. 

Does success spoil us with conceit or do we become graceful in victory? Does disappointment cause us to fortify ourselves or do we look to question and understand?

When something happens in our lives, reflection is the best way to deal with it. Reflection can let you see all aspects of the event. It gives you time to weigh the words and feelings. It allows you to carry yourself with grace despite the happenings around you. 

The next time you get a big win or feel the sting of disappointment, do yourself a favor. Go for a walk, or sit in silence for a few minutes and ponder. See all the roads that have led to this moment for all parties involved. Look forward into the journey of where this moment takes those folks, as well. Recognize the emotions of the moment and why you are feeling them. 

Breathe. Smile. Move forward. It’s all we can do.

Decisions, Decisions: Early Week 8 Takeaways

Houston Texans

Offseason woes and in-season struggles: That’s what the Houston Texans are made of.  While Deshaun Watson’s future hangs in the balance and we deal with the disappointment in his character and (maybe) lost season, the team keeps descending further into chaos. 

If you nabbed Brandin Cooks for your rosters you are pumped to see him get it done week after week. My advice is if you don’t have him, to try and get him going into the Week 10 bye if you can.

While bye weeks don’t reduce player values, they do create desperate owners. This is especially true with someone needy for wins to make it into the playoffs. If the Cooks’ manager in your league is looking to need plenty of wins to sneak into the playoffs, Week 10 is the time to pounce and get this fantasy stalwart on your side for the playoffs. His matchups for the rest of the season are favorable.

New York Jets

Not a single player from the Jets entered this week in the top 24 at their position, and yet this isn’t a disappointment. What it is… is the Jets. Mike White lit it up in his debut after 3 years in the NFL and will surely have blind bid dollars spent on him in your superflex dynasty leagues. 

If you are a non-contender, buy him up. This is an exciting opportunity to get someone who may find themselves helming a different team next year. It could also be just a bust after this season. It’s worth the bid though. If you are a contender, yet your interest is piqued, my advice would be to wait for the offseason for his value to drop and then pick him up. 

Even if White continues to do great, there is a point in time when folks will default to Zach Wilson after the season is over. That’s when you can spend a low pick on him as someone who was contending this year.

Buffalo Bills

Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs are not “disappointing” by any means, as we all knew suspected some regression was coming. Gabriel Davis, however, has been a bit of a bummer for some of the dynasty community. Heralded as a riser in the off-season, he hasn’t quite fully baked yet. I feel like he is one of those wide receivers that will mature into the talent we all see after spending a couple of seasons showing us real flashes of his potential. 

This week and Week 1 lived up to the hype. The potential is still there, especially with the aged veterans currently on the roster. Meanwhile, if you are pushing for a championship, Cole Beasley is still getting it done in the possession game this year and remains a solid flex play with a boom-or-bust nature. Pick him up with a cheap trade in any format after his next down game and flex him fearlessly on your bye weeks!

Make today a great day! And don’t forget to be awesome (DFTBA)!


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