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Fantasy Football Advice: Post-Draft Hot Tips (2023)

by Stacey Cochran

The time is here! Fantasy football drafts are complete, and we are just a few days away from the start of the 2023 NFL football season. You may have had a great draft, but it doesn’t stop there. Yes, you did all the work beforehand and put the time in on picking your players. However, it’s easy to get lulled asleep when you think the work is done. This season is 18 weeks long, and you need to be looking ahead for the moves that will bring you the championship. The finish to a great draft is some post-draft fantasy football advice.

One of my favorite things to do is look ahead to in-season moves. Sometimes, these moves don’t ever come to life. Due to injuries, or for whatever reason, they just don’t happen. However, sometimes they play out just like you think they would.

Here are my three favorite post-draft hot tip moves to begin the season.

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Fantasy Football Advice: Post-Draft Hot Tips (2023)

No. 1: Look Ahead to Your Championship Weeks

Depending upon your league settings, your championship weeks should start around week 15 or week 16. Looking ahead at the matchups for those weeks could be an ace up your sleeve. Knowing that the Detroit Lions’ games for the last four weeks of the year are all in domes might make a difference in starting Jared Goff. The Buffalo Bills will have to play two out of four of their last games on the road. Start looking at your lineups and see where your players are playing in the last four weeks.

No. 2: Identify Leaguemates’ Needs

When we are drafting, we can get lost in the moment. We see a player drop to us that we really like, and we can’t wait to grab them. There is only one problem; they really don’t fit our team build. While we were busy drafting the greatest team ever, we didn’t notice that all our wide receivers’ bye weeks were the same week. Don’t feel bad. It happens to all of us. Moreover, there is always value in the players we drafted. And there are teams that might have a higher value on a player than you. Shop them around and see what bites. You never know; they might have a better return than first thought.

No. 3: Break Down the Season Into Segments

It’s easy to look at the NFL Schedule as a whole, but in our case, let’s break it down. Let’s start and break it up into six-week intervals. Weeks 1-6 (early weeks), Weeks 7-12 (middle weeks) and Weeks 13-18 (fantasy postseason weeks). By breaking it up, we can define the weeks that might look weak. We also can look at players that might have breakout games during these periods.

The early weeks are the toughest to figure out. However, it’s a great place to identify players starting breaking out. Looking ahead at the middle weeks might point out players that need stashing. That moves you into a perfect transition into championship week. Stashing players on a good team means you have good insurance. It also means no other team in your league gets them when they are getting hot.

Thanks for checking out my fantasy football advice for post-draft. Looking for more fantasy football advice? Follow me on Twitter @sdcochran99.

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